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A small selection of custom-built bikes as case studies and examples of our unique Scatto race bikes:

Rider: Corin Bradley, aged 7 from Litchfield Cycling Club
Bike: Scatto JC28 (MTB XC/Cyclocross/Tri spec)
7-year-old Corin says his custom built Scatto JC28 is “fast”. He proved it recently when he won Rounds 5 and 6 of the Midlands XC MTB League in Sheffield. This has given him the four wins he needed to take the League title. Now he can’t wait for the start of the cyclocross season. When he’s not racing, he loves practising his skills and has mastered his one-handed track stand!

Rider: Harrison Hendy, aged 7 from Bike Jockey IOW Cycling Club
Bike: Scatto J-Race (Road Race spec)
We discovered the scatto bike through Kids racing when we were looking to move Harrison up onto the next wheel size. We never expected there to be a bike on full size wheels that would fit a 7yr. Harrison loves his bike and was quickly racking up the miles on it. It only took him a couple of rides to get used to the bigger wheel size and has ridden the 100km Isle of Wight randonnee on it (in sub- 5hrs) and he races weekly on it in u8 races. Harrison says “My Scatto is very light and is the best bike ever!”

Rider: Taylor Hinchliffe, aged 9 from Bolsover & District Cycling Club
Bike: Scatto JC26 (MTB XC/Cyclocross/Tri spec)

Rider: Ethan Stevenson, aged 11 from Team Milton Keynes
Bike: Scatto J-Race eTap (Road Race spec)
“After ten minutes of riding I had worked out that not just the groupset but the whole bike was something special. The groupset never missed a gear. My hands never missed the shift paddle which is always good, when that unexpected hill appears around the corner and you need to change gear fast, I use ‘rapid-shift’ where you hold the shift button down and it will shift all the way through the cassette.”

Rider: Charlie Baxter, aged 8 from Ystwyth Cycling Club
Bike: Scatto JC28 (Cyclocross/Road/Tri spec)
“…he came second in his first ever road race at the Aberystwyth cycle festival. 2nd to a chap from Ludlow over the border. They absolutely flew the lap. That bike just flies! Charlie had his first cross race locally, he’s in year 3 and it was a year 3 and 4 race and he smashed it by 100m plus.” Safe to say he loves his Kids Racing Scatto!

Rider: Murphy Hamilton, aged 8 from Litchfield Cycling Club
Bike: Scatto JC28 (MTB XC/Cyclocross/Tri spec)

Rider: Megan Cherry, aged 8 from Leicester Forest Cycling Club
Bike: Scatto JC28 (Cyclocross/Road/Tri spec)

Rider: Max Lewis, aged 10 from Team Milton Keynes
Bike: Scatto JC28 (Cyclocross/Road/Tri spec)
“The boy loves his new bike, just as at home on the school run as it is on a road circuit or CX course. Thanks to Kids Racing he really is enjoying every ride now, it fits so well!”

Rider: Noah, aged 7
Bike: Scatto JC-Race SRAM eTap (BC Road Race spec)

Rider: Jacob, aged 4
Bike: Frog 58 (20" wheels) SRAM eTap conversion

Rider: Ruby, aged 7
Bike: Scatto JC28 BOX 11-46t Groupset (MTB XC/Cyclocross/Tri spec)

We believe these are the best bikes for U8/U10/U12 Road Racing, Tristart/TS1/ TS2 Triathlon, U9/U12 Cyclocross & MTB XC – and when a bike fits correctly for racing, family leisure rides are all the more comfortable enjoyable too!