There is plenty of choice for 26” wheel bikes (and below) on the market now, but once a youth rider reaches the point where they are ready for their first 700c bike, options are notoriously limited!

UPDATE - all the same benefits of the Scatto frameset are now available on an even lighter frameset with the HUP straatrace: CLICK HERE...

Motivation to get them on a 700c bike is understandable, choices open up for groupsets, wheels and tyres. However, the smallest 700c bikes are often too big for riders around the age of 11 to 13, due to standover and long top-tubes. A rider on a slammed seat post, stretching to brake – has a bike that’s too big!

So for a Youth/Junior Road Race Bike, which first small 700c bike?

One superb option is the 38cm Scatto J-Race road bike for 8 years+ with a 62cm inside leg. It also has a suitably short 49cm top-tube, plus when built to the Kids Racing Youth Spec – our stem and seatpost create a really short cockpit for a 700c bike, giving exceptional handling.

Another priority for any competitive U10/U12/U14 racer is weight, and the Scatto doesn’t disappoint. It’s double-butted Aluminium keeps weight low. Our Kids Racing demonstrator weighs just 7.4kg with SRAM eTap.

A simple upgrade of the wheelset could see this weight drop to nearer to the UCI legal minimum of 6.8kg.

As its Aluminium, its both practical for the rough and tumble of Criterium racing and cost effective – priced far lower than the weight equivalent Carbon Fibre bikes from the major brands. The Scatto starts from just £899, running a 9-speed Microshift groupset, weighing approx 8.6kg. Affordable and lightweight!

Kids Racing can supply any chainrings and cassettes to suit your BC age group.

It doesn’t only work for early-teen boys and girls though, as almost all requirements for youth riders are the same for many of their Mums too. Our Kids Racing youth spec Scatto's are also perfectly suited to the specific requirements of women cyclists – utilising proportionally narrow, short-reach drop handlebars, compact cockpit and shorter crank arms.

Scatto 38cm J-Race Road Bike

Weight: 7.4kg (11sp eTap) to 8.6kg (9sp MS)
Price: From £899 (Microshift 9-speed)
Size: 38cm
Custom Build: Kids Racing can build to your requirements in Youth/Junior/Women’s spec, including saddle, seatpost, stem, handlebars, cranks, chainrings, cassettes etc