Thankfully these days, manufacturers of kids performance bikes fit properly proportioned brake levers to their kids models, however, you may well still need to fine tune them to suit your child’s finger length.

This is a very easy task…

  1. Undo the brake cable at the caliper/cantilever/v-brake/disc end using the relevant Allen key.
  2. Tighten the small Allen key grub-screw on the brake lever (left photo above – click to enlarge) to pre-set the lever position closer to the handlebar, to suit the childs fingers.
  3. Re-tension and tighten the brake cable at the caliper/cantilever/v-brake/disc end.
  4. Ensure the brake is fully-engaged when the lever is pulled, and does not ‘bottom out’ on the handlebar.

It only takes a few seconds, but will make all the difference to the little one’s confidence if they have no problems braking. The 2nd photo above (click to enlarge) shows the lever on the left unadjusted, with the lever on the right adjusted to suit the 6-year old rider – approx 1″ (2.5cm) closer to the handlebar!

All our ATB and MTB bikes come with these adjustable brake levers for little hands!