Some models of kids cycling shoes allow you to convert from 3-Bolt LOOK cleats to 2-Bolt Shimano SPD cleats. Whilst many kids do use the 3-bolt LOOK style cleat, the 2-bolt SPD setup is more popular for a couple of reasons;

  • A double-sided pedal is easier for kids to deal with
  • The SPD pedal will work on the road, MTB and Cyclocross – so all year round use

So if you would like a dedicated pair of kids road cycling shoes, but use SPD pedals, here is a brief outline on how to convert yours kid’s shoes using the metal cleat plate. It’s usually a pretty simple task. The smaller the shoe however, the trickier it gets – if you have big hands! In fact, we don’t recommend doing this below UK size 1. We have done it in a UK Size 13, but it’s not easy!


  1. Remove the insole
  2. Cut the glued insole, joining the 3 serrated lines in the sole. This is a glued-in sole, so dependant on the quantity of glue, can be either incredibly quick and easy, or a bit of a fiddle. With a sharp blade (and a huge amount of care!) cut the sole between each serration, to ‘join the dashes’. You should end up with a 3-sided flap (still connected to the sole at the front, leading edge) that you can then access the triangular-shaped plastic blank, currently filing the SPD slotted holes in the base of the shoe.
  3. Remove this plastic blank and fit the 4-holed steel cleat plate in its place, inside the shoe. This plate should be able to slide up and down the slotted holes in the base of the shoe – giving cleat adjustment, so you can align the centre of the pedal axle with the centre of their 1st & 5th MTP (big & little toe knuckles).
  4. Use tape to cover the 3-bolt fixing holes (inside the shoe) to minimise water ingress.
  5. Push the 3-sided flap down over the cleat plate and tape over this flap over to secure.
  6. Re-fit the insole.
  7. From under the shoe, carefully fit the 2-bolt cleat securely – try not to ‘push-in’ too hard as you screw the cleat on. Once tightened, it will secure the cleat plate in position.

And there you have it, some lovely Italian road shoes, converted to child-friendly 2-bolt SPD cleats.