How do you improve children's bikes? We can customise, modify and improve your children's bikes using lightweight, child-specific and proportional components to ensure maximum comfort and performance.

We’re unique in stocking specialist parts to build the lightest race bikes at affordable prices. A ‘Pro’ bike, doesn’t have to come with a ‘Pro’ price-tag and we don’t simply use what we can get hold of. Components are thoroughly researched, tried, tested.

Correct cockpit lengths, narrow Q-factors and shifters that kid’s fingers can use. Proportional handlebars, lightweight components and wheelsets. All in addition to accurate age group gearing. Nothing is left to chance or guesswork, that’s why an ever growing list of front running riders are on our bikes.

Custom-built bikes are created individually to fit your young rider properly, these are not simply small frames with cheap full sized adult components which they will struggle with! We can even fit SRAM eTap to our range of kids bikes.

We can build bikes specific to your rider’s main discipline: Cyclocross, Triathlon or Duathlon (tarmac or grass courses) MTB or Road Racing or build a bike to do everything! To discuss a custom bike get in touch or take a look at these examples;

Complete Bikes or Modifications
Scatto JC 28 Small (700c) bike built for U10 road racing, cyclocross and Triathlon…

Scatto JC 28 Small (700c) built for U8 MTB XC racing & cyclocross with Box One groupset…

Scatto J-Race 28 eTap (700c) bike built for U10/U12 road racing with SRAM eTap electronic shifting…

Scatto J-Cross 26 9-speed flat handlebar bike for U9/U12 MTB XC racing, CX or Tri…

Framesets & Components
Scatto and Forme framesets (frame & fork) to self-build road, cyclocross & Tri bikes, with child-specific handlebars, saddles, cranksets, stems, shifters, chainrings and more.

Specialist Bikes
We regularly build kids bikes from Scatto, Culprit, Forme and Cuda Performance. To discuss a custom-build, modifications, framesets, components or a specialist kids bike, get in touch.