There is probably nothing more satisfying, than watching your child cross the finish line on a bike you built for them. We've just made that an easier task, with our Self-Build Bundles: a component kit for building your child's next bike.

A very satisfying project which you can involve your junior rider to increase their mechanical knowledge - whilst saving up to £200 on the price of a new Scatto bike. You can choose from 2 levels of kit: Full or Part...

  • The Full Kit contains everything needed to build a Scatto JC28 yourself. You can choose to delete the wheelset (if you have your own) or upgrade to a lighter wheelset. You can also upgrade the groupset, or specify custom frame colours.
  • The Part Kit includes all the important child-specific components, with you supplying the remaining components, which you may already have. You can also specify custom frame colours.
  • Fork & BB: with both kits, you can also choose to have Kids Racing cut and fit the fork for you. We can also fit the bottom bracket too, taking away the two tasks that often worry a novice bike builder. 
Mechanical Competence:
We advise you only attempt to build a bike if you have the mechanical competence to do so safely. If not, always seek the assistance of a qualified bike mechanic. If you do not know how to cut and fit a fork for instance, we can do it for you or you visit your local bike mechanic/experienced cycling club coach. Typically only standard bike tools are required: Allan keys, cable cutters, screw drivers, small spanners, chain tool, saw/pipe guide, cassette socket, SQT bb tool, tyre levers and pump.