Parents struggling with a lot of kit, heading to the start area of a cycle race or Triathlon is a common sight. The biggest pain are the traditional, fold-in-half rollers for the warm-up. Heavy and a really awkward, bulky shape!

The new RooDol rollers are a superb step forward in making portable rollers much more practical. All contained within a small shoulder bag, these simple rollers are assembled/disassembled in no time at all. Even the young rider can push their bike and carry their own rollers, setting them up on arrival.

They come in two roller size options, 'Track' and 'Compact'. Track versions have a conventional larger diameter roller, the Compact version has smaller diatmeter roller to produce more resistance.

Both have an optional eRooDol roller, which when connected to your phone via bluetooth will display the riders speed and cadence.

  • Easy folding structure resting on rubber pads (tool free assembly)
  • Lightweight and transportable with the included RooDol bag
  • Smaller 'Compact' rollers generate lower inertia and more resistance
  • QuickAdapt system allows you to set the front roller distance without tools
  • Includes: 3 rollers, 1 bench, 1 traction belt, 1 carrying bag and a user manual
  • Replacement 'e' rollers available
  • Links to your phone app via Bluetooth 
  • Records speed and cadence

Perfect for easy transporting to the warm-up assembly area of a road, triathlon or cyclocross race - as they fold up into a very compact shoulder bag and re-assemble in seconds. No more lugging around a set of traditional, heavy rollers. Take a look at this 10-year old using his new RooDol rollers, he loves them!