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The Road season is back so it's time to prepare for a new age group. Here's a summary of what you need, including Bikefit changes, British Cycling gear restrictions and kit for the road racing season ahead...

Youth Cycling Cassettes

A unique range of our custom built youth cycling cassettes, developed for the individual requirements of each rider category using 700c race bikes, including superlight versions. A reminder on the popular set-ups;

  • U8 1x cranks (36T x 15t x 23c tyre): 14-25t for lightweight or 15-32t for all round use/climbing
  • U10 1x cranks (38T x 15t x 25c tyre): 14-25t for lightweight or 15-32t for all round use/climbing
  • U12 1x cranks (34T x 12t x 25c tyre): 12-27t for lightweight or 12-34t for all round use/climbing
  • U14 1x cranks (36T x 12t x 25c tyre): 12-27t for lightweight or 12-34t for all round use/climbing
  • U14 2x cranks (48T x 16t x 25/27c tyre): 16-27t for lighweight or 16-32t for all round use/climbing
  • U16 2x cranks (52T x 16t x 25c tyre): 16-27t for lightweight or 16-32t for all round use/climbing

Above are 11-speed 1x recommendations, others are available including 10-speed Miche, 11-speed Supertype Miche and the 11-speed superlight Recon billet cassettes. CLICK HERE for all cassette options.

Youth Chainrings

We’ve developed the full range of narrow-wide chainrings for our 4-bolt HUP cranks, plus 5-bolt chainrings for other brands. We also have a selection of 2x chainrings, including the new design 4-bolt Shimano chainrings and youth suitable sub-compact chairings from Croder.  CLICK HERE for all Chainring options.

Lightweight Chains

Often a change of cassette or chainring requires a new chain, an ideal opportunity to renew it and even lighten that rotating weight. Superlight Intrepid or KMC SL chains have been some of our most popular upgrades - CLICK HERE

Lightweight 700c Tyres and Tubes

To ensure you match the required age group rollout restrictions, the tyre size is critical. We base most of our gearing setups on 25c, but we also have 27c available for the ‘all round’ setups favoured by Triathletes and those wanting to climb in the U10 age group.

As they spin them up, tyre and tube weight has a big effect. Changing to a lightweight tyre and inner tube can save as much rotating weight as and wheelset upgrade, but for a lot less money! Our lightweight Challenge road tyres and latex inner tubes are superb at doing just that. CLICK HERE for all tyre options.

Youth Bikefit

The change of season is a sensible time to check their bikefit too. Cranks length is very important for anything cadence related (Road and Track). 10% of their height is the nominal target crank length (slightly longer for CX and MTB).

Check ‘knee over foot’ and body angles to find the right position. They may need a longer stem to correct body angles.

In the U12/U14 category, they may also need a wider handlebars if they are beginning to broaden in the shoulders. Road and Track run as narrow a bar as possible, CX runs a slightly wider bar ideally for more stability off-road. Fresh, brightly coloured bar tape always makes a bike faster 😜 CLICK HERE for more detailed bikefit guidance or for our detailed guidance on component selection: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3.

Time to get their fit right: Short Cranks | Short Stems | Narrow Handlebars | Short-Reach Shifters | Kids Saddles & Posts

Youth Specific Frames and Wheels

Don't forget the new HUP straatrace road framesets. This are the first range of dedicated, youth-specific 700c Road framesets designed for kids to race from U8 and above, utilising shorter top-tubes and lower stacks: CLICK HERE 

For a Youth Specific range of competition 700c bikes to really work, you need a range of lightweight 700c race wheels, so young riders can get the most from running full-sized wheels. So to compliment our standard fit Fulcrum and Shimano wheelsets, we've developed UP wheelsets (all hand-built in the UK to your spec) which are all very light (minimum rotating weight) and 35mm deep (British Cycling legal) for all age categories. CLICK HERE for all wheel options.

Youth Specific Cyling Clothing

Handmade in Italy, our Road cyling kit is unrivalled quality and raced all over the world by 1000's of youth racers. World-class quality bib shorts, jerseys, skinsuits and essential pre-race warm-up tights, jackets and arm warmers...

Youth Specific Road Cyling Accessories

From Road specifc shoes down to size 32 to road pedals, multi-lense kids or youth/small adult sunglasses (including low-light lenses), gloves and water bidons - our unique range of accessories dedicated to youth racers...

All Road Racing frames, wheels, components, clothes & accessories for kids, youth & small adult riders: HERE