Not all kids want to look like kids, when they’re on their bikes. Some want to upstage Mum and Dad…

Kids Racing now stock HUP cycling clothes, an exciting new brand just for kids on bikes. Quality Italian made kit for Road, MTB or Cyclocross riding, including child-specific caquettes and socks. Their first belgium themed ‘Koppenberg’ and ‘Team HUP’ collections are now in stock.

These really are like no other childrens cycling clothes. Some really lovely design details, made using quality Italian fabrics in race fit. Proper child-specific graduated thickness cycling pads. We just love this kit, and no surprise, so do the kids.

“HUP!” is a call you often hear at continental cycle races. It’s the Dutch word for “Go!” and is widely used during the Spring Classics and Cyclocross season by Flemish and Dutch cycling fans across Europe. As you would expect, it’s a favourite with enthusiastic parents too, amid the cut-and-thrust of a Junior category race.

The HUP™ brand was founded by two such enthusiastic parents of racing kids to create stylish, quality cycling clothes for children who enjoy their cycling as much as the adults do.

Traditionally, the industry has failed to understand that many children who love to ride their bikes, don’t want to look like kids when they are on them. Instead, they want to look just like Mum and Dad or the Pro-Peleton – whichever is coolest!

And so HUP was born. Take a look at their stunning collection