The new HUP enduro: a youth MTB hardtail that climbs as well as it descends!

UPDATE: you can see the new HUP enduro at Round 1 of the Enduro World Series, Innerleithan, Scotland, 2nd-5th June 2022, however 50% of the first production run is already sold since it's soft-launch 10 weeks ago, so sadly they will be sold-out long before the 2nd production run arrives.

For decades there has only been one type of mountain bike for youth riders, the XC bike. Fine on a Bridleway, but not all kids want to ride bridleways and when they do head to the woods or a bike park, suddenly things start to get difficult...

The upright fork angle of XC bikes put a rider’s weight forward, fine for steep climbs, but descending features is a lot more difficult. Hence, different types of geometry have evolved to suit your favoured type of riding;

XC for low-tech riding (bridleways, trails, bike park green/blue routes) with weight biased to the front
ENDURO for more technical XC riding (bike park red/black routes) with more centralised weight position
DOWNHILL for highly technical downhill riding (bike park Orange expert sections) with weight biased to the rear

Riding habits are changing with more Enduro, driven in part by the advent of more bike parks, but the high street still focuses on XC and specialist kids full-suspension bikes are only good enough for an uplift day - a 30kg rider doesn’t want to ride a 15kg bike uphill, ever. So where does that leave small riders that want to ride Enduro...

Introducing the HUP enduro hardtail...
A unique hardtail that changes the game for youth and small adult riders, so in a nutshell, here's why;

13" HUP enduro, 27.5"/29" Mullet, carbon wheels, carbon dropper, Wolfpack Enduros, 180/160 Hydraulic brakes and 120mm Machete fork,
  • Progressive Geo: super-low standover, youth top-tubes, slack 65º fork, up to 120mm forks for riders 120cm+
  • Full Size Wheels: boost 27.5"or 29er (world's smallest) or Mixed - in Aluminium or Carbon, up to 2.4" tyres
  • Still Lightweight: strong, double-butted 7005 in 3 sizes for youth/small adult riders and as light as 9.5kg!
  • Custom Components: short cranks, dropper posts, big gearing, hydraulic brakes (+ upgrade sizes as they grow)
  • Quality Throughout: only top brands including SRAM, FSA, Jagwire, Fulcrum, Rockshox, Manitou, Tekro & KMC
  • Build Flexibility: frame, self-build bundles (with/without wheels/fork), individual components or use your own!

Lightweight and capable of even the most technical descents - but still happy to climb. Now they can roll over trouble, not into it, because trails are designed for adult size wheels - not 24” wheels. That’s why our squad love them...

  • Riders love: big wheel stability + increased confidence = happy to ride anywhere
  • Parents love: 1 bike does it all + easy parts sharing = more fun family trail time

For HUP enduro frames, self-build bundles & components CLICK HERE or for more details on this trailblazing bike...


The Design Challenge:

How did we fix it and why not full-suspension? To make it light enough for a child to climb, costs are sky-high. We think the only way full-suspension actually works for kids, is with a motor, but that makes them even more expensive. Also, you still can't fit rear suspension and a dropper post under the short legs of a child - without resorting to using small wheels which is self-defeating, as they will ride trails designed around adult wheels. A large wheeled, compact geometry hardtail is still the best option - so we created a lightweight, cost-effective Aluminium hardtail, designed with the latest progressive (enduro orientated) geometry for youth riders.

For 12 months we’ve developed our prototypes on some of the toughest trails in the UK (if not Europe) in the Tweed Valley, Scotland - home of the Enduro World Series at Innerleithan, Caberston (Golfie), Glentress and Cadmuir forests. Our squad have ridden everything from fun Blues & Reds, to the most technical Blacks and Orange expert lines (Hammertime, NYNY, Flat White and Matador etc) Steep trails? Well, it’s very difficult to walk down them.

Any ideas of Dad keeping up on his full-suspension, soon faded. Stepping off their XC bikes, onto the HUP enduro for the first time: “…this is sooo much easier!” Winning it’s category on it’s first Scottish Enduro was pretty special too. It’s a game changer, simple as that. Fun the scale.

So it’s capable downhill, but can it still climb? Definitely. Despite full size wheels and 120mm forks, the standard bike still comes in at approx 10.85kg, that’s a very good XC bike weight, making high-street XC hardtails look hard work at 12 to 14kg on the way up (even harder on the way down!) Our little 10yr old tester will still happily do 1000m days, from the bottom to the top, twice. Custom-built lightweight versions can also go down to around 9.5kg. Even our largest 17.5” frame, built full-size for a 5ft 8” rider, still comes in at around 11.9kg.

As most kids riding abilities are lower than adults (most, but not all) then this progressive geometry with full-sized wheels are a huge help for younger riders when things get technical. It’s time to level the playing field for the kids: - lightweight, affordable and capable of even the most technical descents, but still happy to climb.

Latest frame technology & geometry:

Lightweight, strong double-butted 6061 Aluminium tubing on the latest Boost axles to future-proof components, in 27.5”, 29” or Mixed (Mullet) options. Low maintenance design with full length outer (internally run) cabling, including optional dropper post. Child-specific ‘progressive’ geometry with a 65 degree fork angle (controlled descending), proportional top-tube and short stems for correct fit. Super-low standover/low stack giving small riders the space to move, dropper post ready for tiny legs from just 60cm inside leg.

Big wheels and tyres:

Big wheels on clever geometry and correct components. The existing HUP range is testament to our unique philosophy. With the HUP enduro, the advantages of running 27.5” or 29” for riders more typically on 20”/24”/26” wheels are very real. Roll over trouble, not into it. Trails are designed for adult size wheels, not 24” wheels. Parents also benefit from component sharing (life is simple with everyone on the same size wheels!) and accessing quality upgrades from adult bikes like soft compound, lightweight enduro tyres or carbon wheelsets.

Rider-Specific Components:

Responsive, adjustable fork damping/rebound for lightweight riders, short-reach Hydraulic disc brakes and correct length cranks. Plenty of custom-build options to create the best bike for your rider and budget. Specify; crank length, chainring size, chain, groupset, handlebar width (carbon or Aluminium), bar grip size, suspension fork travel (80mm, 100mm or 120mm), 27.5” or 29” aluminium or carbon wheels, XC or Enduro tyres (tubeless or tubed setup). Finally, short travel dropper posts for small riders, a huge step forward for kids!

Total Flexibility:

Like the whole range of HUP Bikes you have the freedom to order as a self-build bundle (with or without wheels or fork), a frameset or individual components. With 3 sizes of frame covering riders from approx 120cm (55cm inside leg) up to approx 170cm tall, you can move their components to a larger frame as they grow, just like all our HUP bikes. You can even bias the geometry to suit your favoured riding: XC (longer stem, narrower bars, smaller brakes, fixed seat post, XC tyres) or Enduro: (shorter stem, wider bars, larger brakes, dropper post, enduro tyres).

Small Adults Too:

Finally, just like the rest of the HUP range, they are also suitable for small adult riders (our 13" is the worlds smallest 29er!). Especially well-suited to shorter female riders looking for super low-standover, but still wanting full-sized wheels.

For all HUP enduro bikes, components & clothes: CLICK HEREA day out in the woods, will never be the same...