We recently visited the Scatto Bike factory in the Belgium province of Flanders, to discuss new developments to their range of kids Cyclocross & Road bikes. It was a great opportunity for a tour of the facility and their bike building process.

Scatto (competition bikes) and it’s sister brand Venturelli (leisure bikes) are brands of Bonaventure BVBA, which is a family business started in 1915 and still run by the 4th generation of the same family today. That’s quite a rarity these days especially in the cycling industry, but great to see!

From our tour of the showroom, factory floor and warehousing, it was evident they are a well-oiled machine. Something we were already aware of judging by the quality workmanship on their framesets we use for our custom-builds.

On a global scale, it’s a small company with around 15-20 employees at their Belgium site. This is however what makes the brand so flexible, creating new models much quicker than larger companies can. As is the case with many European bike manufacturers, e-Bikes are now a large part of their business.

So what’s new?

  • We’ve launched a ready-made Scatto J-Cross 28 which is in-stock, ready for delivery from just £699 and 8.4kg!
  • We now stock the J-Cross 28 frameset which is in-stock, ready for immediate delivery at just £340
  • Prices are going up in the Cycling Industry, but we’ve lowered ours across the board on all bikes as we grow!
  • We’ve also been in consultation with their designer on an exciting new project, to be announced later this year…

Watch this space…or take a look at all our unique Scatto Bikes.