These are strange times. Covid-19 has changed what we once considered normal, we are all rapidly accustoming to a 'new normal'. Understandably much of the daily news is negative, but there has also been positive changes too.

Traffic on the roads has drastically reduced, pollution is down and Cycling is seeing something of a renaissance, especially amongst families. A recent pedal around our usual 25km route illustrated just how things are changing - where we would usually see 2 or 3 cyclists, this time we saw nearly 50 - many of them with children.

We've also been inspired by the fantastic efforts of people to help others get through this situation, many raising money with epic challenges on their Turbo Trainers, when not out on their daily rides. Everyone loved Capt Tom's garden circuits! We genuinely hope that many of these positive changes will stay with us, long after the Lockdown is gone.

As we started this business back in 2015 with the mission to get more kids cycling and to improve what we saw, was an industry producing the bare-minimum quality for kids - we are loving these changes and want to do what we can too...

So we have a limited time/limited stock Special Offer running on HUP Framesets and Self-Build Bundles - so you can spend your Lockdown time building a new bike with your kids, so they can benefit from our game-changing HUP range. Unique triple-butted framesets with carbon forks from just £299.99, or self-build bundles from just £499.99...


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Self-Build Bundles:

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A few photo's from young Thomas building his next bike in his bedroom with his mechanically experienced Dad...

Nope, these are not high-street bikes, but genuinely lightweight with world-leading Youth geometry and a unique range of the most effective kids components anywhere. They take maximum advantage of 700c wheels in all disciplines: Cyclo-cross, Gravel Adventures, Road, Triathlon & MTB XC. They've already sold-out twice since launch, don't miss out.

Check out young Thomas-Ivors recent self-build project, creating his new HUP evo Gravel Adventure bike...

Don'f forget our unique: Custom Wheelset Builder | Custom Crankset Builder & Bargain Fulcrum Disc Wheelsets

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