Zone3 Neoprene Open Water Swimming Gloves

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Zone3 Neoprene Open Water Swimming Gloves. After testing most swimming gloves on the market Zone3 found that they nearly all started ballooning with water during swimming and started to slip off the hands. A design solution was found by increasing the length of the gloves so they can be tucked over or under the wetsuit to ensure no exposed skin and also adding a Velcro strap to keep the glove in place.

Sizing: see gallery above for image to help measure for the correct size.

A = Tip of middle finger to bottom of palm
B = Horizontal across hand span
C = Diagonal – Furthest bottom point of thumb to base of little finger

SMALL < 18.5 < 8 < 10
MEDIUM 18.5-20  8-9.5 10-12
LARGE 20 > 9.5 > 12 >

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