HUP Garmin Mount - Steerer Mounted

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HUP Garmin Mount (steerer mounted) is perfect for kids, keeping the Garmin display closer to smaller riders (safer to read whilst on the move), minimising added weight to the bike, whilst leaving narrow handlebars clear for their hands!

Precision CNC machined mount with custom plastic insert, made fractionally tighter than standard to firmly grip Garmins (especially on worn mounts) yet it is designed to break in an impact to limit damage to your computer.

Lightweight 6082 T6 Aluminium steerer loop mount replaces a 5mm spacer and puts the Garmin straight infront and close to the rider on the trails or road rides.

  • Garmin Edge all models
  • Wahoo ELEMNT
  • Any other device with a garmin style locking mount

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