Box Titanium JIS Square Taper Bottom Bracket

£130.00 GBP

Box Titanium JIS square taper bottom bracket with carbon-fibre body and alloy side caps.

Featuring a hollow, custom plated, Titanium spindle, precision sealed bearings, cold forged and CNC-machined cups and a Carbon Fiber center seal, the BOX Square Taper BB is the ideal upgrade for any young rider looking for an advantage.

They come in Black with Gold inner seal covers, a Carbon Fiber center seal; and are available with JIS taper spindles in 108mm and 113mm widths:

  • Material: Carbon-fibre body, alloy side caps, Titanium hollow spindle
  • Fitment: 68mm BSA English thread 1.37"x24T
  • Spindle Lengths: 108mm and 113mm
  • Weight: 160g (108mm) 164g (113mm)

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