COBB Carbon Hollowtech 2-piece Kids Short Crankset: (145/155/160/165)

£560.00 GBP

Carbon 2-piece Hollowtech cranksets in short lengths for double-chainring installations! Very rare product, allowing the fitment of short (double chainring) cranks to modern BB386/BB30/PF30 framesets or GXP external cup bottom brackets. Perfect for full-carbon, superlight bikes for smaller (U10/12/14) riders.

Carbon short cranks are John Cobb engineered to improve speed and comfort on the bike. These carbon-fibre cranks are an all-carbon construction with alloy reinforcements in the high stress areas near the pedal and hub, with a SRAM GXP style axle (22/24mm) that are easy to install and work well with all road frame bottom bracket standards. They are available in compact, mid-compact and standard options and come in 4 different crank arm lengths 145mm, 155mm, 160mm or 165mm.

  • COBB Carbon Short Crankset
  • Includes chainrings and GXP external cup Bottom Bracket
  • Chainring PCD: 110mm 5-bolt
  • Chainrings are Aluminium 6061-T6
  • Axle: Hollowtech SRAM 22/24mm
  • Bottom Bracket: GXP
  • Arm Lengths: 145mm, 155mm, 160mm or 165mm
  • Chainring Options: 34/50 Compact or 36/52 Mid-Compact 
  • Colour: Black carbon finish
  • Weight: 690g (includes chainrings/bolts) 

Note: Trek BB90 frames require the use of a BB Infinite BB90 bottom bracket with Cobb Cranks. Any use of another bottom bracket in a Trek BB90 frame with Cobb Cranks will void the warranty.

These cranksets are made to order and delivered in approx 3 weeks from order.

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