Elite Arion Rollers

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Elite Arion Rollers, excellent value rollers for home use indoor training and warming up before Youth Cycling races (Road, Cyclocross, MTB or Track). Great tool to help keep the keener kids cycling during the dark, cold Winter evenings. We have also used these rollers successfully* with 20" wheeled HUP straatrace and 24" Planet-X road bikes too!
  • High quality rollers with tough, lightweight injection moulded frame
  • Built in step for easy rider mount and dismount
  • Improves balance and form
  • Builds strength
  • Parabolic roller drum profile for increased confidence
  • Fully sealed bearings for smooth, quiet operation
  • Monocoque thermoplastic frame, folds for easy storage or transport

20" wheel bike...

24" wheel bike...

* All bikes have different wheelbases, we dont guarantee it will fit all sub-700c bikes!

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