EVOC Padded Bike Rug for transport/storage protection

£60.00 GBP £49.99 GBP

We are big fans of these EVOC Padded Bike Rug for transport/storage protection as it seems most of the damage on kids bikes is actually inflicted during transport to and from events or storage - so fitting a bike rug drastically reduces the instance of damage to their pride and joy!

We use 3 rugs to protect 5 bikes when in transit, alternating with an unprotected bike, between bikes with protection rugs fitted. They also act as a nice little insurance policy for the future value of their bikes, when it comes to sale time!

The EVOC Padded Bike Rug offers the perfect protection during transport or storage for your bike frame, whether road, triathlon or mountain bike. Simply place the rug over the bike to minimise damage whilst in transport.

  • Weight: 900g
  • Size: 15cm x75x2cm
  • Material: P600/D PU Coated

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