HUP Gold Triathlon Bundle

£100.00 GBP

Our top-level Gold Triathlon Bundle puts together our high-performance Trisuit in a choice of colours, with our child-specific race number belt, elastic lock-laces, flip-flops, microfibre transition towel, swim cap, water bottle and drawstring kit bag and the fantastic HUP warm-up jacket!

  • 1x HUP trisuit (choice of 6 sizes, 3 colours)
  • 1x HUP warm-up jacket
  • 1x HUP child-specific race number belt
  • 1x HUP elastic lock-laces to match trisuit colour
  • 1x HUP flip-flops
  • 1x HUP microfibre transition towel
  • 1x HUP swim cap
  • 1x HUP water bottle
  • 1x HUP drawstring kit bag
  • £155 RRP down to £100!

Swim cap colour will match your Trisuit colour choice, unless you request otherwise. Flip-flops come in Size XS (trisuit size 1), Size S (trisuit size 2 & 3), Size M (trisuit size 4 & 5) and Size L (trisuit size 6) unless you request otherwise. Warm-up jackets come in 70cm (trisuit size 1 and 2), 80cm (trisuit size 3 and 4) and 90cm (trisuit size 5 and 6) unless you request otherwise.

If you want to mix sizes, just let us know in the ‘Note to HUPcc’ during Checkout
We are very proud of the fabulous feedback from all our junior Triathletes who use the HUP Trisuit for their competition, several of them with 100% winning records, including many very serious swimmers who would previously refuse to wear anything but their swim suits! Now they only use their HUP Trisuits...

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