Hutchinson Toro CX 700c x 32c Cyclocross Tyres (Pair)

£54.00 GBP £50.00 GBP

These are our favourite Cyclocross tyres for kids!

They are the lightest available at just 310g and use a soft compound rubber, maximising the heat that a lightweight rider can generate in the tyre. With an all-weather tread profile suitable for dry or wet conditions - these are perfect for CX, Triathlon and social Trial riding conditions.

A pair of 700c x 32c all weather Cyclocross/Triathlon grass racing tyres.

This Toro CX is made for cross-country riders seeking a tire for training or dedicated to muddy tracks. The high and spaced knobs facilitate track outings and improve the grip in turns. In Gravel conditions, the Toro allows the combination of comfort and ridability on rolling or loose tracks...

  • Excellent on rutty terrain with high lateral knobs for excellent juice.
  • 127 TPI casing for a light, responsive, comfortable tire.
  • Multi-purpose tire excels in loose terrain.
  • Very lightweight, folding tyre at 310g

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