Michelin Power Competition Folding Race Tyres 700c x 25c (Pair)

£70.00 GBP £64.00 GBP

A very lightweight (just 215g each!) pair of 700c tyres to match British Cycling U8/U10/U12/U14/U16 gearing rollout restrictions correctly. These are perfect to reduce the rotating weight to a minimum, an important issue for kids road racing.

The Michelin Power Competition folding race tyres are the fastest tyre in the Michelin Power range and provides a 10-Watt power gain compared to its predecessor the Michelin Pro4 Service Course.

It's the best tyre for road racing use with -10 watts = 1.25secs gained over 40km at 35km/h, -25% rolling resistance and excellent grip! Enjoy greater efficiency and better handling thanks to the new Race Compound combinations derived from MotoGP.

Without compromising on grip, these new rubbers ensure the lowest amount of energy loss while riding.

  • Disc Brake Ready: Designed for perfect compatibility with Disc Brakes.
  • New Race Compound provides power gains with lower rolling resistance.
  • Anti puncture Aramid Protek Protection.
  • New casing ply that is 3X180 TPI.
  • 700cx25c at just 215g for low rotating weight


"Michelin has set a new benchmark for an affordable premium performance tyre" Cycling Plus - Best On Test

"...these are very impressive, fast tyres that are also reasonably priced. It's nice that our own testing backs up the marketing claims too." Cycling Weekly 9/10

"The best, fastest performance clincher we have tested." Bike Radar 5/5

"Fast and grippy tyres good for wide range of conditions and favourably priced compared to their main rivals." road.cc 4/5

British Cycling/British Triathlon Age Group Gear Restritction Rollout:

Modern wide** wheels (+15c width)…

622mm wheels (700c x 25c tyres) use 38T chainring and 15t sprocket for U10’s/TriStar1*
622mm wheels (700c x 25c tyres) use 34T chainring and 12t sprocket for U12’s/TriStar2*
622mm wheels (700c x 25c/28c tyres) use 48T chainring and 16t sprocket for U14’s/TriStar3*
622mm wheels (700c x 25c tyres) use 52T chainring and 16t sprocket for U16’s/Youth*
622mm wheels (700c x 25c tyres) use 52T chainring and 14t sprocket for U18’s/Junior*

For full advice on tyres/gearing for British Cycling/British Triathlon gear restricted events CLICK HERE

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