RooDol Track Folding Rollers

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Assembled in seconds and really compact in it's carry bag, these new RooDol rollers are perfect for pre-race warm-ups at Road and Cyclocross events. So simple and easy to transport compared to conventional rollers!

Also available are the eRooDol Compact or Track cylinders that record both speed & cadence directly to a mobile phone.

The RooDol 'Track' Folding Rollers offer a simple solution to indoor training and pre-race warmups. The easy folding structure ensures these rollers are easy to transport and store, while the rubber foot pads increase stability and reduce damage to surfaces.

The oversized roller design reduces rolling resistance and increases balance, stability and inertia for a highly efficient workout every time. Simplicity is at the forefront of Roodol's design, featuring the tool-free QuickAdapt system, you can adjust and set the front roller position with ease, while the rollers remain easy to transport thanks to their low weight and included carry-bag.

  • Easy folding structure resting on rubber pads
  • Lightweight and transportable with the included RooDol bag
  • Larger Track rollers generate higher inertia and less resistance
  • QuickAdapt system allows you to set the front roller distance without tools
  • Includes: 3 rollers, 1 bench, 1 traction belt, 1 carrying bag and a user manual

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