Rubino Pro Speed G+ Lightweight Road Tyre 700c x 25c

£75.00 GBP £39.00 GBP

Super-lightweight (approx 205g each) 700c tyres to match British Cycling U8/U10/U12/U14/U16 gearing rollout restrictions correctly.

The fastest tyre in the Rubino all-round Series delivers low rolling resistance for all road conditions, making it the logical choice for a competitve edge at any time.

G+Isotech: is Vittoria's unique Graphene compound with revolutionary G+, as provided by technology partner Directa Plus. No compromise is necessary with this compound that is superior in speed (rolling resistance), grip, durability and wear resistance.

3 Compounds (3C): is applied by Vittoria to deliver all-round products without compromise. Vittoria 3C is a layering process, using 3 separate compounds in the same tread. The different properties of each compound, including the G+ Isotech, allow for the improved experience in all circumstances.

All Conditions: Designed to perform in every road and weather condition, this tire will deliver in all circumstances.

British Cycling/British Triathlon Age Group Gear Restritction Rollout:

622mm wheels (700c x 25c tyres) use 38T chainring and 15t sprocket for U10’s/TriStar1
622mm wheels (700c x 25c tyres) use 34T chainring and 12t sprocket for U12’s/TriStar2
622mm wheels (700c x 25c/28c tyres) use 48T chainring and 16t sprocket for U14’s/TriStar3
622mm wheels (700c x 25c tyres) use 52T chainring and 16t sprocket for U16’s/Youth 
622mm wheels (700c x 25c tyres) use 52T chainring and 14t sprocket for U18’s/Junior

For full advice on tyres/gearing for British Cycling/British Triathlon gear restricted events CLICK HERE

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