Self-Build Bundle - HUP azure Track Bike

£499.99 GBP

***380mm HUP bars out-of-stock - 380mm Deda bars will be substituted***


Nothing is more satisfying, than watching your child cross the finish line on a bike you built for them. You can also save money on a fully-built HUP evo! Everything you need to self-build a bike: this complete kit includes all components to assemble a drop handlebar bike yourself. You can choose to order without a wheelset (so you can use your own) or upgrade the standard wheelset, to a lighter version. If you're nervous about cutting the fork and fitting the bottom-bracket, you can opt for Kids Racing to do it for you when ordering.

Includes Necessary Parts:

All necessary parts: inner and outer cables, ferrules, cable ends, spacers and cable guide etc are included.

Mechanical Competence:

Only attempt to build a bike if you have the mechanical competence to do so safely. If not, seek the assistance of a qualified bike mechanic. If you do not know how to cut and fit a fork, we can do it for you (additional charge) or you can visit your local bike mechanic/experienced cycling club coach.

Typically, a local bike shop will charge between £40 to £80 for a bike build. Only standard bike tools required: Allen keys, cable cutters, screw drivers, small spanners, chain tool, saw/pipe guide, cassette socket, SQT bb tool, tyre levers and pump. Some frame preparation tools may sometimes be required. We do not provide any form of build guidance or advice via email or telephone. Above images for illustration only.

A few photo's from young Thomas building his next bike in his bedroom with his mechanically experienced Dad...

Create a self-built bike using our online configurator. Choose your wheels, tyres, inner tubes, cassette, brakes and more to match your requirements...

We have riders from 3ft 10" to 6ft+ on our HUP bikes (including Mums and Dads too with 37cm to 58cm frame sizes). From the brutal Cyclocross Nationals to Summer road races, junior Triathlon, Winter and Summer Track Omniums or MTB XC, they've done it all. Here is a small selection below...

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