Self-Build Bundle - HUP azure Track Bike

£599.99 GBP

The only youth specific track bike! Finally a track bike with short, narrow-Q cranks, narrow/short-reach bars & correct geometry for riders 130cm tall+ (we’ve lost count of it’s race wins) UCI minimum weight is possible with huge acceleration from HUP azure35 carbon aero wheels too. Crazy fast! 37cm standard bikes are approx 7.5kg (high spec can be as low as UCI minimum weight 6.8kg) rising to approx 8.3kg for the 52cm standard build. Now you can create yours;

Don't confuse these with High Street bikes, we use only high-quality components: FSA headsets, KMC chains, Velox wheels, Challenge tyres, NECO bottom brackets and our own, customisable cranks, chainrings, handlebars, stems and saddles. Nothing gets close on weight, price, quality or race results!

    Mechanical Competence:

    Only attempt to build a bike if you have the mechanical competence and experience to do so safely. If not, seek the assistance of a qualified bike mechanic, your local bike shop or experienced cycling club coach. Typically, a local bike shop will charge between £50 to £100 for a bike build. Only standard bike tools required: Allen keys, cable cutters, screw drivers, small spanners, chain tool, saw/pipe guide, cassette socket, SQT bb tool, tyre levers and pump. Some frame preparation tools may sometimes be required. We do not provide any form of build guidance or advice (including via email or telephone). Above images for illustration only.

      The HUP azure has been highly successful racing on velodromes across the world, ever since taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd on its debut race meeting at Bournemouth Velodrome Omnium in 2019, in the hands of beginners! Indoor or outdoor, ready for anything. Here is a small selection of HUP azure track bikes racing...

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