August saw the annual EuroBike Show in Friedrichshafen, Germany on the shores of Lake Constance. Kids Racing paid a visit to check-out the latest technology developments in the bike industry and meet up with factories about future projects.

To witness the remarkable developments in electric bike design alone is worth the trip! Electric pennyfarthing? Electric full-suspension DH tandem? VR simulators? ABS for bikes? If you can think of it, it’s already been done. Alongside the huge halls, rammed with the worlds brands and manufacturers, is an outdoor demo area to give these crazy creations a try.

It may take a while to convince them to let you try the £70,000 Bugatti or Maserati bikes though?!?!

The first 3 days of the show are aimed at Trade visitors, bike shops, distributors etc with the final day as a public show for everyone to visit. Regular displays on the EuroBike stage throughout the week add to the great atmosphere. If you get the chance, its really worth the trip. There is nothing else like it in the world, our 8yr old Ambassador was living the dream!

Transport links are efficient as you would expect in Germany with easy rail or bus links from the major airports like Zurich, plus free shuttle bus links from all nearby towns around Lake Constance. Be warned, huge numbers visit the show!

Take a look at more here: EuroBike Show

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