Queue times - Wheels, Built Bikes & Self-Build Bundles
Built Bikes queue is approx: 15 working days
Self-Build bundle queue is approx: 10 working days
Wheel build queue is approx: 20 working days

Stock availability
Our next delivery of HUP xc framesets is due week 2, April '24
Our next delivery of HUP evo SL framesets is due week 1, May '24

Wheels and components may be listed 'out-of-stock' as an individual item to buy on the website, but may still be available to order on a Built Bike or Self-Build Bundle (we reserve stock for these) so Contact Us if you require confirmation before ordering.

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HUP evo 700c (UCI 44cm & 48cm) for kids/small adults
37cm Black: in stock
37cm Blue: in stock
37cm Red: in stock
37cm Silver: in stock
44cm Black: in stock
44cm Blue: in stock
44cm Red: in stock
44cm Silver: in stock
48cm Black: in stock
48cm Blue: in stock
48cm Red: in stock
48cm Silver: in stock
HUP evo 700c (UCI) for adults
50cm Black: in stock
50cm Blue: in stock
50cm Red: in stock
50cm Silver: in stock
52cm Black: in stock
52cm Blue: in stock
52cm Red: in stock
52cm Silver: in stock
54cm Black: in stock
54cm Blue: in stock
54cm Red: in stock
54cm Silver: in stock
56cm Black: in stock
56cm Blue: in stock
56cm Red: in stock
56cm Silver: in stock
58cm Black: in stock
58cm Blue: in stock
58cm Red: in stock
58cm Silver: in stock
HUP evo SL (kids carbon)
37cm Red: sold out
37cm Blue: sold out
37cm Grey: sold out
44cm Red: sold out
44cm Blue: sold out
44cm Grey: sold out
48cm Red: low stock
48cm Blue: low stock
48cm Grey: low stock
HUP evo24 (24" wheels)
Red: in-stock
Blue: in-stock
Grey: in-stock
Yellow: in-stock
Black: in-stock

HUP xc (MTB)
13" Grey: low stock
13" White: low stock
13" Silver: low stock
15" Grey: low stock
15" White: low stock
15" Silver: low stock
17" Grey: low stock
17" White: low stock
17" Silver: low stock
19" Grey: low stock
19" White: low stock
19" Silver: sold out
HUP xc24 (24" wheels)
Grey: low stock
Purple: low stock
Silver: sold out
HUP xc20 (20" wheels)
Grey: low stock
Purple: low stock
Silver: low stock

HUP straatrace 700c (Road)

37cm Red: low stock
37cm Grey: sold out
37cm Blue: low stock
44cm Red: low stock
44cm Grey: sold out
44cm Blue: low stock
48cm Red: sold out
48cm Grey: low stock
44cm Blue: sold out
50cm Red: low stock
50cm Grey: sold out
52cm Red: low stock
52cm Grey: sold out
54cm Red: low stock
54cm Grey: sold out
56cm Red: sold out
56cm Grey: low stock
58cm Red: low stock
58cm Grey: low stock

HUP azure 700c (Track)
44cm Blue: low stock
50cm Blue: low stock
52cm Blue: low stock

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