Our workshop reopens on 5th January 2021 and the following build queue times apply;

Bike build queue is currently approx:  unavailable due to workshop relocation
Self-Build bundle queue is approx: 15 working days
Wheel build queue is currently approx: 15 working days

HUP evo (kids)
37cm in Black: in stock
37cm in Belgian Blue: in stock
44cm in Black: in stock
44cm in Belgian Blue: in stock
48cm in Black: in stock
48cm in Belgian Blue: in stock
HUP evo (youth)
50cm in Black: out of stock
50cm in Belgian Blue: low stock
52cm in Black: out of stock
52cm in Belgian Blue: out of stock
54cm in Black: low stock
54cm in Belgian Blue: low stock
HUP evo (adult)
50cm in Black: low stock
50cm in Belgian Blue: in stock
52cm in Black: in stock
52cm in Belgian Blue: in stock
54cm in Black: in stock
54cm in Belgian Blue: in stock
56cm in Black: in stock
56cm in Belgian Blue: in stock
58cm in Black:  in stock
58cm in Belgian Blue:  in stock

HUP straatrace (Road)
37cm in White: low stock
44cm in White: low stock
48cm in White: low stock

HUP azure (Track)
37cm in Belgian Blue: low stock
44cm in Belgian Blue: low stock
48cm in Belgian Blue: low stock
50cm in Belgian Blue: in stock
52cm in Belgian Blue: in stock