Queue times - Wheels & Self-Build Bundles
Self-Build bundle queue is approx: 10 working days
Wheel build queue is approx: 10 working days

Stock availability
Our next delivery of HUP evo framesets is due December '23 (small number of 37cm & 44cm are available for Self Build Bundles only)

Wheels and components may be listed 'out-of-stock' as an individual item to buy on the website, but may still be available to order in a Self-Build Bundle (we reserve stock for Self-Build Bundles) so Contact Us if you require confirmation before ordering.

For General delivery informarion: CLICK HERE

HUP evo 700c (kids)
37cm Black: sold out
37cm Blue: sold out
37cm Yellow: sold out
37cm Grey: sold out
44cm Black: sold out
44cm Blue: sold out
44cm Yellow: sold out
44cm Grey: sold out
48cm Black: low stock
48cm Blue: sold out
48cm Yellow: low stock
48cm Grey:  low stock
HUP evo 700c (adult)
50cm Black: low stock
50cm Blue: low stock
50cm Yellow: low stock
50cm Grey: low stock
52cm Black: sold out
52cm Blue: sold out
52cm Yellow: sold out
52cm Grey: sold out
54cm Black: low stock
54cm Blue: low stock
54cm Yellow: sold out
54cm Grey: sold out
56cm Black: sold out
56cm Blue:  low stock
56cm Yellow: sold out
56cm Grey: sold out
58cm Black:  low stock
58cm Blue: low stock
58cm Yellow: low stock
58cm Grey: sold out
HUP evo SL (kids)
37cm Red: sold out
37cm Blue: low stock
37cm Grey: in-stock
44cm Red: sold out
44cm Blue: low stock
44cm Grey: in-stock
48cm Red: in-stock
48cm Blue: in-stock
48cm Grey: low stock

HUP enduro 27.5"/29er (MTB hardtail)
13" Grey: sold out
15.5" Grey: low stock
17.5" Grey:  sold out

HUP straatrace 700c (Road)

37cm Red: sold out
37cm Grey: sold out
44cm Red: sold out
44cm Grey: sold out
48cm Red: sold out
48cm Grey: low stock
50cm Red: low stock
50cm Grey: sold out
52cm Red: low stock
52cm Grey: sold out
54cm Red: low stock
54cm Grey: sold out
56cm Red: sold out
56cm Grey: low stock
58cm Red: low stock
58cm Grey: low stock

HUP azure 700c (Track)
37cm Blue: sold out
44cm Blue: low stock
48cm Blue: sold out
50cm Blue: low stock
52cm Blue: low stock

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