Introducing #HUPbikes - the first Youth Specific range of 700c/27.5" & 29" framesets and bikes for ages 6+

EDIT: the NEW 2024 HUP evo arrives in January '24. Lighter. Faster. UCI approved.

After years of building race and championship winning bikes (100’s, raced all over the world) we've learnt a lot about kids race bikes. Previously we've partnered other brands to redevelop their frames, but they were unwilling to offer the kids the best and as we don’t settle for “that will do” its now time to move the game forward - with the range of HUP Competition Cycling framesets. Nothing is off-the-shelf, we custom build each bike to fit your riders requirements...

HUP evo

Starting with the HUP evo, this game-changing cyclocross frameset uses triple-butted 7005 aluminium, a full carbon fork, flat mount discs, thru axles, internal cabling and unique geometry. To fit younger riders, sizes are 37cm, 44cm and 48cm kids models, then from 50cm up to 58cm to cover Youth & Adult categories, all on 700c wheels.

The curved, flat bottom top-tube means riders of any size can shoulder the bike, so it helps to be lightweight. At just 1295g, who needs carbon? Combined with it’s super light full carbon fork and thru-axles, our 37cm is the lightest youth frameset on the market. Standard builds are approx 8.5kg, custom builds can go as low as the UCI minimum!

For smaller CX and Triathlon riders, the HUP evo is also available in a flat handlebar build for reduced weight, increased confidence and more control. Thanks to the transition to disc brakes, the HUP evo has been designed to accommodate much larger tyres with a class-leading 55mm clearance - so it's also perfect for 650b wheels and wider tyres, creating a lightweight MTB XC or Gravel Adventure bike. Choose from Stealth Black, Belgian Blue or Bright Yellow colours.

Build it how you want it, then let it evolve! For example, a 37cm flat bar build on 650b wheels for a 120cm rider, can morph into a drop bar 700c bike for a 150+cm rider (all on the same frame) as all components are available separately.

  • Cyclocross: Drop or Flat bar versions with wide-range gearing, disc brakes and big mud clearances
  • Road Race: a lightweight, year-round bike for CX and Road with the disc ban now lifted by British Cycling
  • Triathlon: Drop or Flat bar versions for grass or tarmac with age group gear restriction if required
  • MTB XC: Flat bars and 650b wheels with wide-range gearing and powerful disc brakes
  • Gravel Adventure: Drop or Flat bar with 650b wheels and gravel tyres on wide-range gearing

HUP straatrace

To compliment the HUP evo, the HUP straatrace is a dedicated lightweight road race frameset. Based on the same Criterium friendly triple-butted 7005 Aluminium tubing in race geometry, it also comes with a full carbon monocoque fork and clearances for modern 700c x 30c tyres. Frame sizes include 37cm to 58cm in HUP Racing Red or Cool Grey.

Running on disc brakes and thru-axles, it's very lightweight and can be built to the UCI minimum weight, in Aluminium! With a super low stack height, standover and short top-tube, even the smallest riders can achieve the correct aero position on the HUP straatrace geometry.

Running the same 700c wheels as Mum & Dad, it’s perfect for component sharing - one wheel and tyre size for everyone. The HUP straatrace is also Di2 compatible and can run either a single or double chainring groupset.


HUP azure

The HUP azure is a unique Track frameset with lightweight triple-butted 7005 frame and carbon fork designed to fit tiny riders properly - using the same 700c wheels as everyone else on the boards. With a standover height lower than existing ‘youth-specific’ track bikes, it's perfect for short riders needing a low saddle position (thanks to its 37cm seat tube) without the hassle of odd sized 650c wheels! Frame sizes include 37cm to 52cm in Belgian Blue.

When built with HUP cranks tailored to fit the rider, for the first time - young racers benefit from the correct length/q-factor crank arms to match the cadence required in a lightening fast velodrome race. With 25c tyre clearances, the relevant British Cycling gear rollouts can be matched for all age groups.

The HUP azure is also the lightest youth track bike on the market by a significant margin - our standard build 37cm version is only 7.4kg on 700c wheels, but there is still plenty of scope to lighten further (especially with HUP azure carbon aero wheels) so it's never been easier to ride the Cote d' Azure!

HUP enduro

Finally, the HUP enduro is a unique MTB frame with lightweight double-butted 6061 frame - it redefines the youth hardtail with a very low standover & super-progressive geometry for controlled descents, but still light enough to climb. Up to 120mm travel forks, kids-specific cranks & cockpits, hydraulic brakes, internal cables, dropper-post ready - it's the bike that's made the biggest impression on our test squad!

Winning it's category on a proper Scottish Enduro race was quite an achievement for our prototype, especially in the hands of a novice. During testing, it's taken our riders down trails they would not dream of attempting on a traditional geometry XC bike, but this is no ordinary kids hardtail. It really can descend and climb like no other hardtail.

The HUP enduro is lightweight too. 13" standard bikes are approx 10.85kg (high spec can be as low as 9.8kg) rising to around 11.9kg for the 17.5" standard build. Extensively tested on some of the world's toughest enduro stages in Scotland. Full sized wheels from 120cm+ tall. A day out in the woods, will never be the same...FULL DETAILS HERE

The #HUPbikes Range

All HUP bikes use the comprehensive range of HUP components, developed to fit riders properly: narrow/short-reach handlebars, short stems, rotary seat posts, lightweight small saddles, short/narrow Q cranks, chainrings for all race categories and superlight, handbuilt 35mm deep BC legal carbon wheelsets. All sizes share compatibility of components, so you can build a 37cm and keep moving all components up to larger frame sizes as they grow. 

All HUP bikes are developed around 700c/27.5" & 29" wheels, regardless of the frame size - so all riders can benefit from larger wheels - something we've lead the way with for years now.

Saved the best till last, did we mention price? As a brand producing our own products and only selling direct, we don’t have a network of middlemen, distributors or retailers, so you don’t pay for them. There's nothing 'Pro' about our prices;

From a bolt to a full bike, everything is available either separately, as a frameset or a complete, self-build bundle - with ongoing spares support. You choose how you want it.

The #HUPwheels range

For a Youth Specific range of competition 700c bikes to really work, you need a range of lightweight 700c race wheels, so young riders can get the most from running full-sized wheels. So to compliment our standard fit Fulcrum and Shimano wheelsets, we've developed the lightweight HUP wheelsets, all hand-built in the UK to your spec, all very lightweight for minimum rotating weight and 35mm British Cycling legal for all age categories, or 50mm deep for all age groups in Cyclocross and Road for U16 and older (with some very stealth limited edition 'Black Label' models too!)...

  • CR35: the 700c Clincher Rim brake version @ 1270g
  • CR50: the 700c Clincher Rim brake version @ 1375g
  • CD35: the 700c Clincher (tubeless) Disc brake version @ 1285g
  • TD35: the 700c Tubular Disc brake version @ 1140g
  • CD50: the 700c Clincher (tubeless) Disc brake version @ 1435g
  • TD50: the 700c Tubular Disc brake version @ 1225g
  • 650BG: the 650b gravel (tubeless) wheelset @ 1345g
  • AZURE35: the aero 700c Track wheelset @ 1445g
  • AZURE50: the aero 700c Track wheelset @ 1575g
    As they're hand-built to order by our wheelbuilder, you can specify your spokes, nipples and even ceramic bearings to suit your application, whether it's Road or Cyclocross. This is the upgrade that makes the big difference. CLICK HERE

    How kids bikes should have been done a long time ago. Take a look at the different models: Cyclo-cross | Road | Triathlon | MTB | Gravel | Track

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    Take a look at the different models: Cyclo-cross | Road | Triathlon | MTB | Gravel | Track