We took a trip down to the Bournemouth Velodrome this weekend to take part in the Youth Sprint Omnium organised by Poole Wheelers, as it was the perfect event to debut the new HUP azure track bikes for kids, after their shakedown at Derby Velodrome. The Omnium was a day long event made up of 4 races for each age category; 

  • Individual TT
  • Keirin
  • Longest Lap
  • Sprint race

This provided an opportunity to use a mix of the various track skills, from sprinting to track stands. The kids got very excited about running behind the Derney on the Kieran! We had 3 Team HUP riders in the U10 category - Harrison Hendy, Myles Bradley and our own little Fraser.

After gear checks, signing-on and a riders briefing from the Commissaire - there was a 10 minute track familiarisation session for each age group - which was very useful for 9yr old Fraser, as he’d yet to race on a velodrome, in fact he’d only ridden a couple of sessions at derby beforehand - so was grateful for the mileage.

First up was the individual TT which was a single, flat-out lap of the velodrome from a standing start. Great to see Team HUP’s Harrison go into the lead on his 44cm HUP azure on the TT. Results from this set the starting positions for the next race, the Kieran.

The Keirin is a rolling start group race, paced up to speed for a couple of laps behind the Derny motorbike, before it leaves the velodrome and the race begins for real. Great opportunity to experience this form of racing at a young age. Harrison took the sprint finish again to consolidate his overall lead.

Next up was the race that had all the parents concerned, the Longest Lap. A tricky mix of timing, technical ability and sprinting. Starting at the opposite side of the velodrome, the kids set off together and have 30 seconds to ride to the start line box (with another 10 second limit for the last rider to enter, after the first) where they all need to track stand in the box - until the commissaire blows his whistle and a full gas sprint launches for the final lap. Miss any time cut-off, unclip, put a foot down, ride backwards or grab the side rails and you are disqualified instantly. Hence the parental worry!

It all went wrong for the U8’ and U12 categories, with most riders in too much of a rush to get to the box, that they couldn’t slow down enough to have any room left to track stand in the box without pedalling backwards. The U10’s managed it much more successfully, with only 1 rider DQ’d - with Team HUP rider Myles riding and timing it to perfection, to take the win. Brilliant skills.

Last up was the Sprint race, starting in their overall position order - for a full gas sprint lap from a standing start. A super close finish on the line for our Fraser placed him 3rd overall for the day, behind Myles in 2nd overall and Harrison in 1st. A Team HUP full house.

Old track hands Harrison and Myles had a great day and were happy to help little Fraser with advice and guidance. He was pleased to make it to the podium on his first race, with a huge amount to go away and learn all about before his next race. Maybe his UCI minimum weight HUP azure helped him along the way, just a little bit...

HUP azure framesets and complete bikes will be available soon CONTACT US for details.

HUP azure

The HUP azure is a unique Track frameset with lightweight triple-butted 7005 frame and carbon fork designed to fit tiny riders properly - using the same 700c wheels as everyone else on the boards. With a standover height lower than existing ‘youth-specific’ track bikes, it's perfect for short riders needing a low saddle position (thanks to its 37cm seat tube) without the hassle of odd sized 650c wheels! Frame sizes include 37cm, 44cm and 48cm in Belgian Blue.