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We are the UK’s first and only swim, bike, run & children’s Triathlon specialist, based near Edinburgh in Scotland. We stock kids clothing, bikes, shoes, wetsuits, trisuits and kids performance sports gear for your children’s cyclocross, triathlon, running races, swimming events and cycling racing.

We are often asked how the company started and how the Belgian connection came about? 

We were a family with 3 under 5, living in south-east England in 2012, inspired by the Olympics to take up cycling, but safe places to ride with young kids was a real issue, basically there wasn’t any. 

The only locations in the area seemed to be race venues, so we joined our local go-ride club and started racing road and cyclo-cross, but back in 2014, it was near impossible to source proper cycling clothing, components and bikes for kids, so the seeds of Kids Racing began to shoot.

In early 2015, during a conversation with our local bike fitter, he suggested we visit Belgium with the kids. With it’s network of quiet lanes, Spring Classic races and the home of Cyclo-cross, it was a mecca for cycling families. 

Summer that year, our first trip was a real eye-opener, it could not have been more different to England! We returned dozens of times in subsequent years for holidays, sportives and to race youth road and CX events, as it was just a couple of hours drive from home.

After 18 months of being just an idea, Kids Racing opened in December 2015, retailing the best products available at the time, but we knew the industry was still producing the bare minimum when it came to kids. So much more could be done and if you want something doing right…

Spring 2017 saw the launch of HUP Competition Cycling. HUPcc is our own cycling brand focused on youth and small adult cyclists, which began manufacturing clothing, quickly progressing to components, frames, wheelsets and finally complete bikes. 

We’ve revolutionised the youth market for CX, Road, Triathlon, Gravel, MTB and Track developing over 100 trailblazing products for youth and small adults. The journey has taken nearly a decade, but parents don’t struggle for quality kit anymore.

The one place that inspired, influenced and created our brand is where it all began, down the lanes, up the bergs and outside the cafes of Belgium. The old-school HUP shield and Lion logo is a nod to the revered cycling history of Flanders, with constant shouts from race parents of “HUP, HUP, HUP!” (the Flemish/Dutch word for go!) making the HUP™ brand name a simple choice.

It’s now a globally recognised boutique brand, exporting daily, helping parents and enjoyed by tens of thousands of young cyclists around the world.

Linette, Kids Racing Ltd & HUP Competition Cycling

Born in Belgium | Designed in the UK | Ridden worldwide

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