It’s not age, but size that matters! Small adult bike fit is tricky too…

Yes, we specialise in catering for children, but over the last few years we have often been asked to help out with small adults too. Which is no surprise, as when it comes to fit and comfort it’s all about size, not age - for bikes and clothes.

We’ve custom-built a fair number of bikes for Mum’s and Dad’s now, especially those from around 4ft 5” to 5ft 5” tall range. All struggle with fit, comfort and reach in the same way that 7 to 12 year olds do. The only practical difference is, the adults won’t outgrow their bike like the kids will.

Small adults also need correctly proportioned handlebars with a shallow drop to aid comfort and reach to the shifters. Frame dependant, they also need a shorter stems, zero-offset seat posts and smaller saddle.

But of course, they need to start with the correct sized frame with a suitably short top-tube, such as our unique HUP evo (CX/Gravel disc brakes) or HUP straatrace (Road rim brakes) or HUP azure (Track only) - all great for children or adults from approx 4ft 5” to 5ft 5”.

For years the bike industry has quite happily told you all about 'Women Specific Design' and try to fob you off with heavier and unpractical 650c wheels, its all nonsense! Fit is not gender-specific, never has been and good frame design means even the smallest bikes can use the full size 700c wheels, benefiting from the lightweight wheelsets that only exist in 700c sizes! Its paramount for small riders, to be on lightweight bikes!

The vast majority of mainstream bike brands only cater for adults down to around 5ft 3” tall and even then, the bikes are built-up using handlebars, stems, saddles and shifters that are designed for riders 5ft 6” and taller - to save costs! Not only do they have to tolerate a frame that’s too big, but deal with all the wrong components too - creating discomfort in the lower back, finger ache from larger shifters and an overall lack of confidence on the bike.

Small adults also have short fingers, so using short-reach shifts is another key point. Alongside the Microshift Short-Reach mechanical shifters, we also regularly build SRAM eTap electronic bikes too, which represent the ultimate in easy-to-use, drop handlebar shifters for small hands.

Our use of HUP proportional, lightweight bike components, short-reach shifters and genuinely small-rider friendly framesets, means the right bike for you is out there. Best of all, the cool HUP clothing is size suitable too!

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