The title might a tiny bit misleading, as kid’s trisuits for pool based Junior triathlon and duathlon are also perfect for open-water triathlon and aquathlon, worn under the child’s wetsuit. So a trisuit really is an essential garment to get right!

Why else is it important? Well, your child will do the whole spectrum of disciplines in one garment, so it’s design must cope with the rigours of the Swim, Bike & Run, be fast drying and remain comfortable throughout.

Where possible (it isn’t always possible, especially in TriStart) tighter is better than loose. Trisuits will always stretch slightly over time and during the swim, tighter means reduced drag in the water. This also helps to reduce wind resistance on the bike, where the materials ‘wicking’ properties become key to drying your triathlete out quickly, pulling moisture away form the skin to evaporate. A ‘tri-specific’ pad which is smaller than a typical cycling pad is also an important detail.

HUP Trisuit
Kids Racing's own brand have their new high-performance Trisuit for children's Triathlon/Duathlon in 6 sizes from very small to teenagers/small adults in a choice of 3 colours. Designed for serious swimmers with it's efficient 'high-neck' design, rear zip and no rear pocket to minimise water drag. Wide arm-openings and lightweight fleece pad ensure free movement during the swim and run, with comfort on the bike. 'Double-dye' front and rear panels provide important teenage privacy...CLICK HERE. Priced at £34 individually or they form part of 3 incredible value bundles...

Zone3 Kids Adventure & Active Trisuits
Zone3 was started by an elite triathlete and  Loughborough University graduate and is now the number one British triathlon brand.

The Zone3 Adventure Trisuit covers ages 8-14 so is intended for Tristart category and up.  Active Mens (157cm+) & Ladies (152cm+) Trisuits are suitable for teenagers who are larger than the Large Adventure Trisuit.

  • Lycra sport fabric to ensure breathability, comfort and performance
  • Children’s Specific Tri pad (race-specific fleece for children minimising water absorption)
  • Elastic Technology and piping – snug fit without discomfort around arms or neck lines.
  • Easy-to-use Front Zipper. Child friendly zip for extra ventilation during the cycle or run.
  • Silicone UFO leg grippers – unique feature (inside knee of each leg to prevent movement of the shorts
  • Flat-locked stitching for strength & comfort. Zip protection: Internal piping & patch for comfort


2XU Active Youth Trisuit
From Melbourne, Australia 2XU is worn by multiple world champions, endorsed by sports institutions the world over and praised by professional athletes from all disciplines.

Engineered for comfort and durability, built with SBR SKIN-X, this trisuit delivers muscle support while HIGH FIL MESH paneling provides breathability and superior moisture management.

  • Flatlock stitching for comfort near skin
  • Front semi-lock zip and 2 rear pockets for storage
  • Silicone free ‘Y’ ELASTIC GRIP
  • SBR SKIN-X stretch technology material
  • 50+ UV sun protection
  • Speedline Chamois pad