Guide to wetsuit fitting and removal techniques for kids wetsuits, to avoid damage and ensure it stays watertight for open-water triathlon events in the UK. It’s easy to accidentally damage your wetsuit, so follow this simple steps when putting-on or taking-off your wetsuit.

Be very careful with your fingernails and toenails on the soft material. The suits are made to put on slowly, wearing socks, and taking enough time to get the suit on correctly. Take care not to “nick ” or snag the surface of the suit with your nails…

  • A wetsuit should be put on when you are dry.
  • Finger and toenails should be cut, but not sharp.
  • Remove watches and all jewellery.
  • Use plastic bags or a sock over your feet and hands to help when putting it on.
  • Avoid nail contact with the outer surface – only use your finger tips.
  • Fold the wetsuit in half at the waist.
  • Pull legs on first as far as you can, then pull on the upper body of the suit.

So what should you wear under your wetsuit? Whatever you will complete the rest of the race in! (nudity in the transition area will result in disqualification). Most competitors wear Trisuits which they will keep on for the remainder of the race. Everything will dry very quickly, once you start the bike leg.

Kids Trisuits are designed specifically for swimming, biking and running. They dry quickly, provide sufficient padding and will prevent chaffing in certain areas. You need to feel comfortable and confident for the duration of the race.

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