Online Bike Builder for the HUP evo, SL & straatrace

£799.99 GBP

Create your custom Self-Build Bundle using this online tool...tell us your riders height/inside leg, then choose your frame type/discipline...

Our standard 10-speed HUP evo (Aluminium) bike weighs approx 8.4kg. Upgrades can reduce weight further.

Don't confuse these with High Street bikes, we use only high-quality components throughout. Nothing gets close on weight, price, quality or race results!

If you don’t see the components here that you want to use, just CONTACT US and we will do what we can.

Mechanical Competence:

SELF-BUILD BUNDLE: only attempt to build a bike if you have the mechanical competence and experience to do so safely. If not, seek the assistance of a qualified bike mechanic, your local bike shop or experienced cycling club coach. Typically, a local bike shop will charge approx £150 for a bike build. Only standard bike tools required: Allen keys, cable cutters, screw drivers, small spanners, chain tool, saw/pipe guide, cassette socket, SQT bb tool, tyre levers and pump. Some frame preparation tools may sometimes be required. We do not provide any form of build guidance or advice (including via email or telephone). Any images for illustration only.

Any images for illustration only.

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