Microshift R8 1x Short-Reach Shifters SB-R480K(S) 8-speed

£120.00 GBP £99.99 GBP

Microshift Short Reach is still the only practical drop handlebar shifter for children and are our shifters of choice for our custom built bikes.

This is the dedicated 1x shifter set (single front chainring).

With the exception of SRAM eTap (a tad pricey) Microshift are the only shifters that small hands and shorts fingers can safely use, thanks to their short, separate shift levers and shorter hood design.

Do not confuse with normal Microshift, these shifters are 10mm shorter, which makes a big difference to their reach and overall cockpit length, designed specifically for use by children.

Series R9
Model No. SB-R480K
Handle Bar Type Drop Bar
Cassette Compatibility
8 speed Shimano, SRAM or Microshift
Front Shifting
NO front shifting (1 x 8 speed)
Bracket Material Engineering Composite
Brake Lever Material Anodized Forged Aluminum
Shift Lever Material Resin Steel
Trimming Function for Front N/A
Short reach version (10mm) SB-R480K(S) for small hands
Shift & Go Technology implemented
Shift-Up Max. 3 gears
Clamp Band 23.8 - 24.2mm
Shift Cable
Stainless slick, outer cable route design
Weight 390g a pair
Colour Option
Black with Black brake levers
Compatibility Shimano 8 Speed Road Shifters Compatible



Use these Shifters with: 8sp rear mech 

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