Ashima Ai2 Lightweight Disc Brake Rotor (140)

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The Ashima Ai2 lightweight disc brake rotor may well be the lightest rotor in the world, but they are also just about perfect for kids! Renowned for reliable braking, yet very quick at warming up (great for lightweight riders, who would normally struggle to get Adult disc brakes up too temperature) and cooling down, due to their low mass.

They're ideal to reduce rotatiing weight on kids bikes, providing strong braking for Cyclocross, Road, Triathlon & MTB XC. They are not intended for Downhill use.

Some said AiRoTor would never work….then 3 years and several World Championships later others said it would be impossible to go lighter whilst offering the performance level that made AiRoTor the bestselling aftermarket rotor of all time….well they were wrong and Ai2 proves it! Ai2 offers a staggering 23% weight saving over the original  AiRoTor without impacting braking performance. This is AiRoTor technology taken to the limit!

  • 1 Super Lightweight rotor
  • Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • Fully Tested
  • High grade SUS410 stainless steel
  • Ground and Hardened to 47 HRC
  • Lightest stainless steel rotor on the market 
  • Unique Ashima design 
  • Excellent wet/dry performance 
  • Excellent heat dissipation 
  • Rapid air circulation
  • Use: MTB Cross Country, Road, Triathlon, Cyclocross
  • Diameter: 140mm
  • Fixing: Standard 6-hole (IS2000)
  • Rotor Weight: 65g
  • Screws Weight: 12g
  • Colour - Silver (not Black/Silver in image)

Caution: Due to extreme low mass Ai2 Rotors heat-up more than heavier rotors which may adversely impact some lower spec systems during prolonged braking events. However, conversely due to the extreme low mass they also cool very fast, so with proper/normal braking consideration the heating/cooling effect can be balanced. 

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