Challenge Smart Sealant 250ml for Tubeless Tyres

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High performance tubeless systems deserve high performance tubeless sealant. The SMART Sealant was designed to work with both vulcanized and handmade TLR and Tubeless tyres.

This non-allergenic, ammonia free formula can seal up to 6mm cuts, remains liquid in the tyre for up to 6 months, doesn't coagulate with Co2 use and doesn't damage rims or tyres with extended use.

Installation is straightforward using the application tip and there is no need to shake the bottle. Available in a 250ml/8.5oz bottle. Seals up to 6mm cuts...

  • Doesn't damage rims or tyres
  • No need to shake
  • Remains liquid in the tyre for ~ 6 months
  • Keep adding as needed through valve
  • Doesn't coagulate with Co2 use
  • Non-allergenic

    British Cycling/British Triathlon Age Group Gear Restritction Rollout:

    For full advice on tyres/gearing for British Cycling/British Triathlon gear restricted events CLICK HERE

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