Challenge Superlight Corsa Latex Inner Tube for 33c-40c 700c Cyclocross Tyres

£15.00 GBP

Lightweight (just 75g each!) latex inner tube to reduce the rotating weight to a minimum, an important issue for kids cyclocross racing. When used with a set of lightweight tyres, you can remove over 300g of rotating weight from the wheelset!

Latex inner tubes are known for their lower rolling resistance and are thinner and more flexible than butyl tubes, offering better puncture resistance than a traditional inner tube. The Challenge SuperLite Corsa Latex Inner Tube 29-38mm is a lightweight option and fits clincher tyres with a 33-40mm width.

The valve length is 47.5mm with a Presta removable core, so will suit shallow to medium depth rims and the common 38mm deep rims seen in cyclocross racing.

With latex being a porous material, this tube will require more frequent inflation, so always reset your tyre pressure before a ride. They are trickier to fit than traditional tubes being more prone to pinch-punctures on fitting. Always keep latex away from oil/grease...

  • Use: Clincher tyres
  • Valve: Presta removable core
  • Valve length: 47.5mm
  • Size: 700c
  • Tyre Width: 33-40 mm
  • Weight: 75g


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