CrankBrothers Eggbeater 2 Cyclocross/Road/MTB Pedals

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There are 4 really simple reasons why we love Eggbeaters and think they are just perfect of kids;

  1. Lightweight: Shimano M520 SPD are approx 380g (range-topping XTR's are still 305g) but Eggbeater 2's are 280g - a lot of rotational weight for kids.
  2. Shimano's SPD system has 2 sided pedals, Eggbeater's have 4 sides for easy engagement.
  3. Q-factor is narrower on the Eggbeaters, a fundemental element of kids bikefit.
  4. They are fully serviceable, so prove a great long-term investment - kids don't outgrow their pedals...

But let's not forget, they are also the best at shedding mud!

The crankbrothers eggbeater is an iconic pedal designed by Carl and Frank, the original founders of crankbrothers, they were tired of getting stuck in mud-covered pedals with no way in or out.  They realised that existing pedals were too complicated….It started with a simple question: what is the best way to attach a shoe to a crank?  To answer this question, Carl and Frank created a system with only two moving parts hinging on a spring.  This system became known as the eggbeater pedal, and later it was adapted into the candy pedal. 

The eggbeater's simple design gives the advantage of amazing mud shedding and 4 points of entry making it perfect for XC, trail riding and cyclo cross;

  • Cleat: Premium brass cleats included
  • Shims: Included
  • Release Angle: 15° to 20°
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Weight: 280g per pair
  • Spindle: Forged scm435 chromoly steel
  • Body: cast stainless steel
  • Wings: stamped stainless steel
  • Spring: 300 series stainless steel
  • Inner bearing: Bushing
  • Outer bearing: Cartridge
  • Maximum rider weight: No restrictions

You can customise the fit and feel of your pedal using crankbrothers tread contact sleeves (CRB-13282).  They come with 3 different thicknesses enabling the rider to ensure good contact between their shoes and the pedal axle (as the tread wears down the contact can move away from the axle and onto the wings of the pedal).

You may also like to run the pedals on your road / commuter bike.  Buy a set of Quattro cleats (CRB-15289) to use on your road shoes.  It makes pulling off from junctions a breeze as you have 4 points of entry to the pedals.

As with the rest of the crankbrothers range the pedals are fully serviceable with a level 1 / 2 service kit.  Servicing is simple and does not require any specialist tools, just a flat head screwdriver, socket wrench and 8mm allen key to hold the pedal by the axle.

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