Croder Spirit 1x MTB Crankset - Single Chainring (3mm offset)

£279.99 GBP

The Croder Spirit Crankset includes crank arms, direct-mount chainring, 24mm axle and fitment bolts/spacers, perfect for MTB XC.

As it's a modular system, you can adjust the crank arms length as the child grows, retaining the original axle, bottom bracket and chainrings - just swap out the crank arms. By swapping the bottom bracket, you can also migrate the crankset to a different bike - from a traditional threaded frame to an advance pressfit carbon-fibre frame for example.

WEIGHT | from 519g complete (see individual components)


PROCESS | Fully CNC Machined

B.C.D | Croder direct-mount

Q-FACTOR | 158mm (MTB XC)

CHAINSTAY WIDTH | Approx 134mm (inside of crank arm to inside of crank arm) at tip of arms on Road axle. 

CHAINLINE | 51mm (3mm offset chainrings for 148mm OLD)

AXLE ID | 24mm (127mm MTB axle)

CHAINS | 10, 11 & 12sp

COMPATIBILITY | Shimano Road (127mm long) BSA68/PF30/BB30/BB386 

The Croder Spirit Crankset is a modular crankset that allows you to select your crank arms and chainrings separately - fully customisable. A solution for cyclists who require shorter crank arms or more compact gearing, using aluminium alloy AL-7075-T6 and fully CNC machined processing.

The Spirit Crankset offers the ultimate in short, narrow and super-compact cranks offering smaller adults the right crank arms and gearing, kids/youth riders the ability to adjust their crank arms/gearing as they grow or simply a superlight crankset for all riders and disciplines!

Based on a 24mm Shimano compatible Road axle, bottom bracket (available separately) options include traditional threaded BSA 73mm.

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