Croder Spirit Crankset - Double Chainrings - 4 arm

£349.99 GBP

The Croder Spirit Crankset includes crank arms, 4-bolt 110bcd spider, double chainrings, 24mm axle and fitment bolts/spacers.

As it's a modular system, you can adjust the crank arms length as the child grows, retaining the original axle, bottom bracket and chainrings - just swap out the crank arms. By swapping the bottom bracket, you can also migrate the crankset to a different bike - from a traditional threaded frame to an advance pressfit carbon-fibre frame for example.

WEIGHT | from 650g complete (see individual components)


PROCESS | Fully CNC Machined

B.C.D | 110mm 4-arm

Q-FACTOR | 156mm

CHAINSTAY WIDTH | Approx 132mm (inside of crank arm to inside of crank arm) at tip of arms


AXLE ID | 24mm

CHAINS | 10, 11 & 12sp (Shimano)

COMPATIBILITY | Shimano Road (124mm long) BSA68/PF30/BB30/BB386

The Croder Spirit Crankset is a modular crankset that allows you to select your crank arms and chainrings separately - fully customisable. A solution for cyclists who require shorter crank arms or more compact gearing, using aluminium alloy AL-7075-T6 and fully CNC machined processing.

The Spirit Crankset offers the ultimate in short, narrow and super-compact cranks offering smaller adults the right crank arms and gearing, kids/youth riders the ability to adjust their crank arms/gearing as they grow or simply a superlight crankset for all riders and disciplines!

Based on a 24mm Shimano compatible Road axle, bottom bracket (available separately) options include traditional threaded BSA 68mm and newer PF30, BB30, BB386 and BB86 found on many modern carbon fibre frames. Front derailleur extensions are also available for fixed position FD frames (non-clamp, braze-on fitment).

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