Effetto Tyreinvader! Rim/Tyre Protection Inserts for MTB, Gravel & CX (Pair)

£53.99 GBP

The Effetto Tyreinvader is an anti-pinch-flat insert for tubeless tyres. Very simple to use and light, it saves your tyres and rims from hard impacts without interfering with the way your wheels behave.

• Premium material (high density EVA) absorbs shocks but not sealant
• Very light weight (starting at 53g for one 29” wheel) and high durability
• Can be easily adapted to common wheel diameters (26”, 27.5”, 29”)
• No need for specific tubeless valves

Available in several widths, to fit rims and tyres from Gravel to Plus.

Why we created it

People riding aggressively on rocky terrain wish to reduce their inflating pressure for better traction and control, and at the same time they need to avoid “hitting hard”, pinching the tyre casing between the rim and a rock, cutting it and/or damaging the rim. That’s where tyre inserts (anti-pinch-flat inserts, tyre noodles, etc.) can be helpful. These devices fit inside tubeless tyres and absorb a part of the impact, protecting tyre and rim. With TyreInvader we want to offer an excellent yet simple solution, keeping weight and cost low. Learn more about tyre inserts in general in this tech article.

No influence on normal riding

TyreInvader is flat and it will basically come into play only when needed (unlike round inserts that are compressed quite often during normal riding). It’s still better to test ride TyreInvader before racing it.

We don’t suggest to use lighter tyres nor to go incredibly low with inflating pressure: just set you tyres up the way you like them, and don’t worry about pinch flats.


The weights for the different TyreInvaders refer to the product uncut (for 29” wheels), so it’s even lower when adapted to 27.5” or 26” wheels.

TyreInvader 35 = 48 g
TyreInvader 40 = 53 g
TyreInvader 50 = 68 g
TyreInvader 55 = 80 g
TyreInvader 60 = 92 g
Tolerance on nominal weight is + / – 5%

Premium material

TyreInvader is made of high density EVA, a very durable/strong/light foam employed by the sport shoe industry: this material can resist heavy impacts with very little damage. We recommend to check Tyreinvader once a year or after hard riding sessions, and to replace it if needed.


EVA has a closed-cell structure that cannot absorb any sealant.

Additionally, the cut-outs of TyreInvader allow the sealant to easily move around, to make sure punctures can be quickly fixed.

As inserts have surfaces that are wetted by the sealant, a fraction of it won’t be available to move around to do its job. For this reason, also with TyreInvader we recommend to slightly increase the quantity of sealant normally employed, by 30 ml.

TyreInvader has been designed to function with our Caffélatex sealant, ammonia free.

Easy to assemble and mount

Just cut TyreInvader following the instructions (for 27.5” and 26”; no need to cut for 29”), join its two ends with the two (provided) zip-ties, mount it inside the tyre (it will stretch a little bit to fit the diameter… no worries), add sealant, go ride. Our Tech Videos can help clear any doubt.

Real run flat behaviour

TyreInvader has been sized to sit tightly on the rim, so that – in case of emergency – it will push the tyre against the rim, allowing the rider to finish the run or ride until it’s safe to stop. This should be considered an exceptional functioning mode, as we don’t recommend you ride with TyreInvader at zero pressure.

Compatible with any tubeless valve

The shape of TyreInvader prevents it for sitting over the valve base, on most rims. To make sure it doesn’t happen on any rim, TyreInvader has an open slot, to be positioned over the valve.

Functional packaging

TyreInvader is sold in pairs (so 2 pcs per pack, including 4 zip-ties), inside a transparent bag. That bag can be folded and carried inside your backpack, in case you want to remove your TyreInvader and store it, without worrying about sealant stains. Or you can simply use the bag for shopping and /or carrying stuff.

What about the little aliens and the arcade font?

Who doesn’t remember SpaceInvaders? If you don’t, it means you’re too young, but you can still enjoy some of that thanks to retrogaming. Besides, our product is actually invading the tyre, thus “TyreInvader”.

The cut-outs serve several purposes: to save weight, to allow easy sealant flow and… to offer some cool branding/styling opportunities. #tyreinvader #nevergameover

TyreInvader is Made in Italy

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