HUP Enduro Children's Long-Sleeve MTB Jersey (Black, Red or Blue)

£16.99 GBP

The long sleeve HUP Enduro jersey with full-length arm protection and loose fit. Available in 6 sizes and 3 colours from age approx 5-14yrs old. Key features...

  • Durable, lightweight torso and arm fabric to withstand track and trail
  • Breathable side-panel fabric for additional ventilation
  • Loose fit to allow for maximum movement on technical trails
  • Can be worn with or without body armour, chest/back plates
  • Raglan sleeves, pre-shaped to accommodate elbow pads
  • Available in 3 colours: Black & Grey, Red & Grey or Blue & Grey
  • Colours also match HUP Bib shorts (Belgian, GB & Italian) for XC use

Tested, raced and proven on the Scottish Downhill Championship, British Downhill Championship and Pirelli Tweedlove Triple Crown Enduro series...

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