Miche Track Fixed Sprockets 1/8" with Carrier

£12.00 GBP

Miche Track Fixed Sprockets 1/8" with Carrier for Youth Velodrome Racing, Miche's unique system allows for a fast change of sprocket ratios.

The splined adaptor screws onto the hub just like a normal cog, then simply slide the sprocket onto the carrier. Then both carrier and sprocket are held in place with the lockring. To change the ratio, simply undo the lockring and remove the sprocket. Slide on a different tooth size and refit the lockring.

U14: 49Tx16t (23c) | U16: 49Tx15t (23c) for 700c Youth British Cycling categories on Miche 144mm BCD 5-bolt Track cranks (165mm and upwards in length)

Made from Opaque chrome-plated steel. Carrier included, lockring sold separately.

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