Spare Pillar Spokes for HUP Wheelsets (including Sapim nipples)

£1.50 GBP

High specification Pillar spokes from Taiwan, used on our HUP wheelset builds. Each Black spoke comes with a 14mm Sapim alloy Polyax nipple, also in Black.

  • Standard Spoke: Pillar PDB1417 double-butted ROUND spoke in Black
  • Upgraded Spoke: Pillar PBA1420 double-butted AERO spoke in Black

Spokes made from Sandvik T302+ stainless steel cold drawn stainless steel with rolled threads (according to DIN 79012)

Ensure you select the correct spoke required as CR35/CR50/AZ35/AZ50 use J-bend spokes, whilst CD35/TD35/CD50/TD50 use Straight-pull spokes.

  • 'DS' = Drive Side (cassette side)
  • 'NDS' = Non-Drive Side (opposite side to cassette)

'Black Label' edition wheels use the same spokes as the 'White Label' versions.

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