SRAM/Raceface/Easton CNC preload ring

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Are you looking for durable preload ring to replace the original plastic preload ring on the DUB cranks. The CRODER SRAM/Raceface/Easton CNC preload ring, it's designed for SRAM DUB crank. CRODER use material AL7075 with full CNC machied to make it. Designed the 5-arm shape, very easy to turn it. It's very durable and beautiful. It fits onto the left crank arm of SRAM DUB 28.99mm spindles, also RaceFace or Easton 30mm spindle cranks...


COMPATIBILITY | SRAM DUB 28.99mm RaceFace or Easton 30 mm Spindle

COLOR | Black

WEIGHT | 12 g/set

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