Zone3 Adventure Junior Triathlon Wetsuit

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Zone3 Adventure Junior Triathlon Wetsuit

The Zone3 Adventure Junior Triathlon Wetsuit is a fantastic looking suit and makes the most of all of the experience and award winning designs in the Zone3 adult range. The suit is available in three sizes for young triathletes, 8-10, 10-12, 12-14

The children’s Adventure range will hopefully help to encourage participation in multisport events and give the new entrants to the market a high quality product but at an affordable price.

Super stretch 2mm shoulder and arm panels
Bright coloured arm and leg cuffs for improved visibility in the water
Silicone coated ‘Pro-Speed CuffsTM’ on the arm and legs cuffs to help increase speed of removal

A useful video from Zone3 of how to put on your wetsuit here

Having attended a number of children's triathlon events in 2014, Zone3 were extremely impressed to see how many under 16's were taking part and how much effort was being put in. There is no doubt that some extremely quick triathletes coming through in the next ten years.

Manufacturers Sizing

Size 8/10 Height 126-136cm, Weight 26-32kg
Size 10/12 Height 132-147cm, Weight 30-40kg
Size 12/14 Height 146-162cm, Weight 40-50kg

In addition to the manufacturers sizing, we have measured the wetsuits to help choose the correct size.
Size 8/10 Shoulder to Seam 54cm, Waist 54cm, Inseam 56cm (Height guide 126-136)
Size 10/12 Shoulder to Seam 60cm, Waist 60cm, Inseam 57cm (Height guide 134-147)
Size 12/14 Shoulder to Seam 66cm, Waist 64cm, Inseam 63cm (Height guide 146-162)

Key Features

  • 3mm front body and leg panels rather than the traditional 4-5mm adult suits as children have a better natural buoyancy than adults.
  • Super stretch 2mm shoulder and arm panels for comfortable and energy efficient swimming.
  • Zone3’s trademark Silicone coated ‘Pro-Speed Cuffs’ on the arm and legs cuffs to help increase speed of removal.
  • The suit is designed to go on easy and come off easy.
  • Bright coloured arm and leg cuffs for improved visibility in the water.
  • Low and comfortable neckline.
  • Fully Stitched and Glue Bonded for increased flexibility and comfort
  • High quality YKK downwards zipper making the suit easy to take on and off
  • Fabric designed to be more durable than a high end wetsuit so the suit can last a number of seasons or be passed on to somebody younger once it's been grown out of.

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