Our Top 3 winter raceday items to help your kids reach that Podium!

Kids Arm Warmers that actually fit
Slip-on sleeves to turn short-sleeved jerseys into long-sleeved versions. THE essential for winter riding or running. Double-up under a long-sleeved jersey for ‘layering’ on cold days. Stash in a back pocket if the temperature goes up.

At Kids Racing we’ve developed our own range of child-specific arm warmers, after problems with popular brands efforts slipping down. We’ve tested and fine-tuned dimensions to fit active kids arms properly, in 5 childrens sizes and 6 colours to suit your existing Club/Team jersey. At just £10 a pair, they’re also around half the price of typical ‘kids’ arm warmers!

Zip Up Leg Warmers & Tights – speed & practicality
Alongside Winter Bib Tights for cold days, leg warmers (like arm warmers) are a fast and efficient way to stay warm just before a Cyclocross race. Simply unzip to remove in seconds, before the start. Bit like tyre warmers in F1 – so you’re at the optimum temperature for the race!

They can be left on for the race if the temperature or windchill dictates. We’ve two fully zipped versions from OuterEdge (simple warmers or longer ‘tights’  to cover the waist) which can both be fitted/removed without taking shoes off. Very practical in the heat of the moment.

Clear Race Cape – wear your Club jersey with pride
Competitive Cyclists and Triathletes are keen to show their team colours, but when they need a jacket, the team identity disappears! Most clubs don’t supply team jackets due to cost, so the clear Funkier Race Cape is a great solution.

This compact, lightweight and stowable rain jacket comes in yellow or clear, ensuring your Club jersey & race number are still visible. Pinning your race number on the outside of a rain jacket isn’t the best idea, it will start letting water in!