Ask any experienced adult cyclist what the single most important garment is for Winter cycling and they will probably mention Cyclocross & Winter Thermal bib tights in their Top 3!

From the World Cup in Koksijde to early season Spring Classics, Belgium is the home of tough cycling. Real inspiration, serious apparel. The stylish #HUPcc Bib tights have it all: made in Italy, using Italian technical fabrics. Kids love them!

If it’s important for adults, it’s important for kids too. Protection from cold wind-chill, whilst maintaining full and free leg movement to pedal is key. Traditional ‘layering-up’ doesn’t work, creating weight and restricting leg movement. As a result, such the garment is quite technical, so historically its been both hard to find and expensive in kids sizes.

HUP kids Winter Cycling Thermal Bib Tights with high-visibility Fluro details, reflective stripes and Flanders Lions. Highly effective at keeping their core temperature up during Winter Cyclocross or Road rides.

Lightweight, breathable Roubaix fabric provides comfort, elasticity and a quick drying garment to keep riders warm and dry, right down to freezing temperatures. Silicon grippers keep the ankles in place, to prevent ‘ride-up’. Very important is the proportional, child-specific cycling pad. Available in 6 sizes suitable for riders from approx 6-years old to 14+

  • Material: Italian 250gsm ‘Breathable Roubaix’ brushed fabric with 5/5 peeling resistance
  • High-visibility reflective leg stripes for eye-catching movement
  • Fluro yellow thigh panels for maximum visibility
  • Ankles: Silcon elastic grippers
  • Flat-lock stitching throughout
  • Shoulder Braces: brushed Roubaix
  • Cycling Pad: Coolmax child-specific Jolly* pad
  • Labels: printed to remove irritation
  • Sizes suitable for 6 to 14 years old – all Made In Italy

So they’ve been designed properly and look great, but are they still expensive? Not anymore. Kids Racing currently have them in stock! So about the same as a good quality set of summer cycling shorts. It’s a no-brainer! We’ve also added physically measured dimensions of each garment to assist you in sizing.

It’s important to differentiate this hi-tech garment from cheaper, non-technical bib tights that look similar, but only keep a child warm for approx 30 minutes. Additional thickness insulation on leading edges (exposed to wind-chill) are critical to maintaining leg and body temperatures for several hours outdoors – matching the pads design of approx 3 hours.

Additional layering in very cold weather can of extend their use on all-day, endurance rides such as these warm-up tights. After over an hour in 2 degrees and wind, our 8-year old test rider found “...the pad was really comfortable…” and the (roubaix-style brushed) interior “…soft and warm, even riding very fast.

We also have Kids-specific arm warmers, leg warmers, shoe covers, skull caps, gloves, thermal socks and Winter jackets to keep them pedalling through the Autumn and Winter months. We’ve some pretty cool kids Bobblehats too!