Why is Cyclo-cross so popular? Racing your bike over challenging technical features in a traffic-free environment - what's not to love! Since 2015, we have continually developed a unique range of products specifially for kids, youth and small adults to go CX racing - framesets, bikes, wheels, tyres, cranks, components and clothing. Because #CrossIsBoss

HUP Cyclocross framesets and complete bikes
#HUPbikes - the first youth specific competition 700c bikes for ages 6 to 16+. State-of-the-art disc brake cyclo-cross bikes, all developed with low standover, short top-tubes and low stack geometry for riders 120cm+ Choose from individual components, frameset only or complete Self-Build bundles (with or without wheels): CLICK HERE

The best tyres for all Cyclo-cross conditions!
Challenge, Italy are the leading CX tyre manufacturer of choice from champions like Tom Pidcock, producing a world-class range of cross tyres for dry grass, sand, wet grass and full mud conditions. Clincher, tubeless or tubular versions all offer their advantages, but super-low pressure tubulars in mud still rule! CLICK HERE

Correct cranks for every rider - 130mm to 175mm
Whether you are 6 or 60, you need the correct crank lengths and gearing for successful cyclo-cross racing, so we've created a unique collection of cranks to suit any frame, any rider and any gearing requirements: CLICK HERE

Lightweight wheels for expolosive acceleration between the tape
Repeated, high-intensity sprints between hairpins, up the banking and along those muddy straights will take it's toll. So lightweight wheel upgrades are always going to be poular in CX. Add the advantge of low pressure tubular tyres in the mud, it's no wonder our 1100g HUP TD35 carbon tubular wheels sell-out every season : CLICK HERE

Cyclocross shoes and pedals
Kids cyclo-cross shoes from UK size 13 (Euro 32) up with the Northwave Hammer and it's off-road design with reinforced heelpiece and toe caps, plus rubber lined anti-slip sole means they perform on all surfaces. Popular Cranksbrothers egg beaters, studs/spikes for Winter mud and classic SPD pedals too...CLICK HERE


Warm-up jackets, tights and arm warmers
CX can be cold, especially before the race, so it's crucial to keep warm beforehand with HUP Warm-Up Tights and arm warmers (these can be worn during the race too) and the now legendary HUP warm-up jacket. Thats the HUP 'no more tears' formula! We cannot stress enough, just how important this kit is: CLICK HERE

Cycling Sunglasses with clear/low light lenses
Flying mud and no eye protection will always be risky, so clear and low-light lenses for CX are key to safe Winter racing. Kids, Youth and Small Adult Cycling Sunglasses for younger riders and small adults, with 3 lenses for various light levels - perfect for youth cyclocross from approx 4yrs old up...CLICK HERE


Long-sleeved roubaix jerseys and Winter skinsuits/speedsuits
Crucial to keeping the cold out is the technique of 'layering'. On the coldest days, a long-sleeved jerseys over a short-sleeve jersey works well. Our superb Roubaix lined Winter speedsuits are raced all over there UK in the worst weather Cyclocross can throw at us! CLICK HERE

Shoe covers/overshoes and light arm warmers
Feet get cold, kids tend to suffer more than adults. Add windchill on a bike and it's a ride ending situation! We've developed 2 unique shoe covers for kids (from size UK13 upwards): a superlight Road version and a triple layer, deep Winter version with Kevlar toe. Summer arm warmers are great for adding layers too: CLICK HERE

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