He’s 6. He loves Team Sky. He loves Chris Froome

He has no fear. He has no doubt. But nobody knew he was going to try to Aero-Tuck. Fraser’s hero was pretty impressed when he saw his impression, sporting his Maillot Jaune. #futureTDFchamp…

ITV4 highlights from Stage 8 and 6-yr old Fraser ‘Mini-Froome’ MacArthur’s ‘aero-tuck’ @ 2mins 20sec…

An ordinary 6-year old? Yes he is, but he’s probably done more on a bike than the majority of adults do in a lifetime. Being just 3 stone and 3ft 8” tall (he really is tiny) has never stopped him doing what he loves.

He’s never been driven to school. Never had a McDonalds. Just loves to ride. Only happy when he’s climbing, he has been known to moan all the way on a flat ride if there are no climbs!

He’s been very lucky to have many inspirational people around him; from the local cycle clubs charity ride, his coaches and team mates from Team Milton Keynes to his 8-year old brother Connor.

Kids should be Mini-Froomes. The legacy of successful sportsmen and women’s influence on the young is the greatest prize of all. Of course it must all be with safety in mind, but we need to let kids be kids too.

Is it dangerous? Well, yes it is (but cycling is dangerous full-stop) which is why Fraser didn’t pull the Aero-Tuck for long before Dad stopped it! Should it be encouraged, of course not. He thinks the average 40-something Mamils shouldn’t take unnecessary risks either!

But nobody has taught him the Aero-Tuck (don’t expect your local cycling coaches to help you out here!) he’s just a boy who watches Le Tour on TV and had the ability to pull it off first time.

Is he rare or something special – almost certainly not. Take a trip to any of the ‘Go-Ride‘ cycling clubs around the UK and you will find hundreds of Frasers. You won’t find them in front of an X-Box.

Will he become a ‘Pro’ – almost certainly not. If he wants to try then fine, but this has only ever been about keeping kids fit, active and healthy. If they happen to develop a real passion for it, then all the better.

If you are an ordinary adult cyclist, don’t try this at home…

The Cycling Life of an ‘ordinary’ 6-year old:

Aged 1: loved his first balance bike adventures.

Aged 2: started riding his first pedal bike (no stabilisers)

Aged 3: started weekly coaching at his local ‘Go-Ride’ club Team Milton Keynes.

Aged 4: started cycle racing and won his local U6 Go-Ride ‘Road’, ‘MTB’, ‘Cyclocross’ and ‘Time Trial’ championships.

Aged 4: non-stop ascent of 16% Cheddar Gorge on his 16” wheeled bike. Enjoyed it so much, he pleaded to do it again (only 1/2 way up the 2nd time – he’s not Superman!)

Aged 5: completed the Wargrain MTB Downhill course in the Austrian Alps on a fixed frame bike, accessed by cable car.

Aged 5: cycled 110 miles in 8-days with his 7-year old brother raising £3,000 for a local Hospice, in support of the local rugby club ‘Ride For Willen’ (Paris-Nice with Alpe D’Huez & Ventoux on-route) which raised over £110,000. So inspired by this (and annoyed they couldn’t do the full ride themselves!) his brother rode Alpe D’Huez that Summer.

Aged 5: after his ‘Mini-Ride For Willen’ he climbed the first 5 hairpins of Alpe D’Huez stood up, non-stop before Dad stopped him. Dutch fans chanting ‘Mini-Froome’ all the way. Didn’t speak to Dad for days!

Aged 5: awarded Pride of MK Young Achiever of the Year for their charity bike ride. Over the moon with his signed jersey from ex-TeamMK and Team Sky rider Ian Stannard for his fundraising!

Aged 5: he has cycled on roads, paths, forests and even beaches in 16 different countries so far:

Sweden, Denmark, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Scotland & Wales. Denmark his favourite!

Aged 6: after waiting patiently of 12 months, he’s finally big enough to have his first drop-handlebar ‘racer’ courtesy of the tiny Planet-X Giovanissimi, custom built by Dad.

Aged 6: competed on his first National Youth Circuit Race finishing 7th on a grid of 12, despite being the youngest & smallest rider on his tiny 20” wheeled bike, against giants!

Aged 6: started MTB racing with some incredible results thanks to the fantastic MSG series. Completes the entire Red route of Cannock Chase MTB Course, included several Black sections. Currently mastering ‘Manualling’.

Aged 6: following the 2016 TDF, he conquered 3 cols: the Category 2 ‘Col des Aravis’ and ‘Col de la Croix Fry’ as a warmup to his first HC Category climb of Alpe D’Huez, in 3 hours with his 8-yr old brother (so his brother could compete on the EDF Alpe D’Huez Kids Triathlon at the top!).

Aged 6: rode the full Valley Blanche and L’Ange (730m downhill) trails in Les 2 Alpes MTB bike park. A total of 3300m of descent in 34km, all accessed by the chairlift system.

Cycling injuries sustained since learning to ride: NONE

Inspiration from his heros: BY THE BUCKETLOAD!